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Assistive Technology Decisions (click to expand)

Making decisions about the need for and selection of assistive technology is challenging for a school team. It is much more than purchasing the latest braille / low vision device or obtaining advice from a colleague, peer or vendor.  It requires time spent identifying the academic tasks, considering the student needs and the overall environment in which the device will be used and then develop a list of possible options. It is critical to try the device before it is purchased. There are a couple of options to conduct a demonstration and trail.

  • Vendor Trial: occasionally a vendor may have a devices available for a short term trial. Please contact Aundrayah Shermer, Director of Outreach for a list of vendors in the area.
  • Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK): ATK has equipment for short-term loan for individuals who have a disability, including visual impairment. Go to Assistive Technology for Kansans website to read requirements and view their library of available devices.
  • KSSB Assistive Technology Kits are available through regional Field Service Specialists

KSSB Technology Kits (click to expand)

The availability and variety of Assistive Technology for students who have a visual impairment is rapidly increasing. The can make it challenging for school districts and teachers to navigate the wealth of devices and software as well as identify the most effective tool for each student. Best practices suggest that it is critical to conduct a trial of assistive or mainstream devices, software or other tools to ensure they are effective for the student. But where can local schools get devices for trial and exploration?

How the KSSB “Tech Kits” address the need.


To provide the local school district the opportunity to explore and conduct a trial of available technology.

Request Access:

The Tech Kits are distributed through the KSSB Field Service Specialists. Due to the limited number of available items and the demand for these kits, they are not left with the district for extended trials. Local TSVIs may contact their regional KSSB Field Service Specialist to arrange for a demonstration and trial.

Tech Kits Currently Available

Kit #1: Introduction to Coding - 1

Coding Mouse Exploration Kit

Kit #2: Introduction to Coding - 2

Coding Mouse Exploration Kit


Kit #3: Coding with Robots - 1

MakeBlock mBot Ranger Kit

Skoog Tactile Music Interface

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

iPad Air 2

Kit #4: Coding with Robots - 2

MakeBlock mBot Ranger Kit

Skoog Tactile Music Interface

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robots

iPad Air 2

Kit #5: iPad and Reading/Writing Tasks

iPad Air 2

Large Print Bluetooth Keyboard (black on yellow contrast)

Large Print Bluetooth Keyboard (black on white contrast)

Orbit Reader Braille Display

Belkin External Keyboard with Lightening Connector

APH ReadWrite Stands (2)

USB Lightening Adapter

Kit #6: iPad for Low Vision and OCR

iPad Pro 10.5 with Otterbox case

IPEVO VZ Wireless HDMI/USB Doc Reader

Kit #7: Portable Video Magnifiers

Explore 8

Topaz PHD 15

Candy 5 HD II

ClearReader+ OCR Scanner/Reader

Element 24″ LED Monitor

Kit #8: Video Magnification and OCR

Prodigi Duo 24″ (Video magnifier tablet with detachable desktop base)

DaVinci Pro-All-in-One HD with full page text to speech

Kit #9: Braille Displays

Orbit Reader

Perkins Mini

BraillePen 12 Touch

Focus 40 Blue (5th generation)

Braille EDGE 40 (B40K)

Kit #10: Eye Gaze

Surface Pro Tablet

PCEye Mini Eye Gaze Bar (attached to case)

Kit #11: GPS for Group Training

VictorReader Trek GPS/Talking Book Players (4)

Kit #12: Chromebook and Apps

Acer ChromeBook 14 Laptop

Kit #13: Windows Laptop with Screen Magnifier/Reader

Dell Laptop (Windows 10)

Focus 40 Blue Braille Display (5th Generation)

ZoomText OCR Scanner/Camera

ZoomText Screen Reader/Magnification Software (installed)

NVDA Screen Reader (installed)

Kit #14: Braille NoteTakers

BrailleNote Touch 18

BrailleSense Polaris Mini

BrailleNote Apex

BrailleSense U2

Kit #15: Low Tech Devices

Joy Player

Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

Sensory Learning Kit

Trackball Mouse (2)

  • Simple Button Switch
  • Penny+Giles Joystick Plus Pad
  • Pin-Connector-to-USB Adapter

Kit #16: Magnilink S Premium

Magnilink S Premium Desktop Video Magnifier

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