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Kansas State School for the Blind Field Services team offers a network of services to support school districts, vision professionals and families throughout the state of Kansas. KSSB is the point of contact for anyone interested in the education of students who have a visual impairment from birth to 21. Field Services representatives are located regionally throughout the state to partner with local education agencies. The contact information for each Field Services Specialist is listed on this page or print the Field Services Contact Listopens WORD file .

Kelly McHugh Smith
Chris Gray
Menely Hogan wearing a grey shirt.
Sabrina McAdoo wearing a green v-necked shirt.
Anna Cyr wearing a green shirt and necklace made of linked circles.
Amber Hanson
Debbie Moody wearing a blue collared shirt.

Director of Field Services

Aundrayah Shermer
State of Kansas Map with counties divided into 6 geographic regions. West, North Central, South Central, NE, SE and WyCo/JyCo

Image Description of the Field Services Map: The Field Service map posted above shows the state of Kansas divided into six regional sections. Each region is assigned a color. The 28 western counties in blue-green are served by Menely Hogan, 24 north central counties in red are served by Anna Cyr, 14 south central counties in blue are served by Debbie Moody, 21 northeast counties in yellow served by Molly Reardon, 16 southeast counties in green are served by Julie Ituarte and Wyandotte & Jackson Counties in brown are served by Pam Arbeiter. 

Counties listed by Regional Field Services Specialistopens WORD file

The Field Services team is available to provide unique assessments for students who have a visual impairment as well as provide technical assistance and professional development to educational teams at the local level. In addition, the KSSB Field Services team includes Early Childhood and Family Support Specialists, Kansas Deaf-Blind Project, Kansas Instructional Resource Center, KanLovKids regional and statewide Low Vision Clinics, and KSDE-TASN Pre-Service TSVI/COMS project to help recruit and retain vision professionals in the field.

Regional Field Services Map 2021-2022 in PDF

How Can We Partner with You?

KSSB Field Services is a statewide resource for schools and families with a child who has a visual impairment, including those with additional needs and/or deaf-blindness. Many of the resources are available free-of-charge to your district, however, a nominal fee is charged for some services and when direct services are provided for unique situations in high need areas.  If in need of support, use the Request for Services Button below.

Review the KSSB Services and Price List 2021-22opens PDF file  for current cost for services requested.

Field Services Specialists

Leah Enright
Hillary Joy-Sims

Inclusion Support

Infant Toddler

hjoy-sims@kssdb.orgcreate new email

Assessment Services:

Functional Vision Assessment: to determine the student’s ability to use his or her vision in a variety of settings and describe the impact of vision loss on learning. Included in the FVA is instructional and environmental modifications, accommodations and suggestions related to specialized instruction.

Learning Media Assessment: to determine the most effective learning medium for literacy and communication. Recommendations include appropriate formats for instruction such as print, auditory, tactual, digital or a combination.

Orientation & Mobility Assessment: evaluates the ability to travel safely in both familiar and unfamiliar home, school and community environments.

Assistive Technology Assessment: completed to determine accessibility of provided instructional materials and the most effective mainstream or assistive technology needed to access the educational curriculum.

Community of Practice:

Field Services Representatives facilitate regional Community of Practice Collaborative Seminars for Teachers of Students who have Visual Impairments, O&M specialists, para-educators or braillists.

Technical Assistance:

Field Services representatives provide on-site or web-based technical assistance for special educators, classroom teachers, administrators and others working with a student who has a visual impairment.

Training Opportunities:

Field Services representatives collaborate with the Deaf-Blind Project and KIRC to host the annual Vision Symposium and trainings related to effective instructional practices which support students’ learning/sensory needs. The trainings are offered throughout the calendar year with focus on both the core and expanded core curriculum. To view upcoming events, visit Professional Events.

Sponsor Signature Events:

Field Services representatives assist with Regional Braille Challenges, Boys & Girls Weekend Events and Extended School Year summer programs which are offered annually to support the needs of students who have a visual impairment throughout the state of Kansas.

Need a Service Provider?

Locating a service provider in the certification area of visual impairment, orientation and mobility or deaf-blindness can be challenging. KSSB is willing to assist your school district to identify a service provider through the Kansas TSVI/COMS Preparation and Mentorship project. This project supports the training of educators to become certified as teachers of students who are blind or have a visual impairment or certified orientation and mobility specialists through finances and mentoring.

Download the Field Service Map in PDF

Field Services Map jpg Fileopens PDF file

Bob Taylor wearing a maroon shirt and a blue jacket.
Kylie Kilmer wearing a maroon shirt.
Pam Arbieter wearing a black jacket and a black and white scarf.
headshot of Julie Marston
Molly Reardon
Julie Ituarte wearing a blue and white shirt.
Susan Threinen wearing a dark blue short sleeve collared shirt.
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