A Low Vision Collaboration Clinic (LVCC) is generally for children/students that can interpret eye charts (numbers, letters or pictures) and communicate what they are seeing to the doctor.

To schedule a Low Vision Collaboration Clinic (LVCC) or Low Vision Collaboration Clinic + (LVCC+):

  1. Please contact your KSSB Field Service Specialist or Molly Reardoncreate new email, KLK Coordinator at (913) 309-7041opens phone dialer with questions and to discuss which type of Low Vision Clinic would be more appropriate.
  2. Complete:
    • Low Vision Collaboration Clinic (LVCC) OR
    • Low Vision Collaboration Clinic+ (LVCC+)
      • A Low Vision Collaboration Clinic+ (LVCC+) is for infants, toddlers or school-aged children who have alternative communication and complex needs.
    • Links to forms are located below.
  3. Email all required documents to Molly Reardoncreate new email.


What Happens Next?

  • The Regional Field Services Specialist will contact the doctor’s office to setup a date and time for the evaluations and then send you a Clinic Schedule for you to complete and return.
  • Molly Reardon will upload the completed documents to KSSB’s KLK Database so that the doctor will have on-line access to prepare for the evaluation.
  • After the evaluation, a report will be generated by the doctor and distributed to the TSVI/ECI to deliver to the family and school.
  • KSSB will send an invoice to your district after completion of the LVCC or LVCC+ for the children/students assessed.  The invoice will be sent to the designated person indicated by you on the Contact Information Form. Services for birth-three will not be billed (do not fill out billing contact info).

If you have additional questions, please contact Molly Reardoncreate new email, KanLovKids Coordinator at (913) 309-7041opens phone dialer.

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