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Procedure for Ordering Low Vision Devices

If you would like to order from LS&S, you can obtain a discount if you tell them you work in Kansas. You MUST order through Jason Neelandcreate new email or 1-800-468-4789opens phone dialer (to get the discount, which is based on a % of Kansas sales).

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The State Contract for Assistive and Corrective Devices — Humanware #39405 is the up-to-date vendor.  The contract link is listed below.

Step-by Step Procedure for Ordering Aids:

  1. After a low vision evaluation has been conducted, a low vision report will be generated. The report will list the aids that need to be purchased for the student.
  2. School districts* can order the recommended aids/devices by contacting the vendor listed below.  School districts should call the vendor(s) to:
    • get the most current pricing
    • set-up ordering
    • make payment or accounts for purchases

If any questions regarding this contract, contact the Kansas Division of Purchases at (785) 296-2376opens phone dialer, or Adela Tancreate new email at the Kansas State School for the Blind, (913) 305-3003opens phone dialer.

*Political Subdivisions which include (City, County, School Districts, etc.) are permitted to utilize these contracts (#39405 & #30406) as administered by the Kansas Division of Purchases.  Conditions included in this contract shall be the same for political subdivisions.  The State has no responsibility for payments owed by political subdivisions.  The vendor must deal directly with the political subdivision.

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