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Podcasting has been an interest to kids with visual impairments here at the Kansas State School for the Blind for several years, and the number of people listening to the episodes indicates that others must share that interest.  Starting in 2020, the students in the podcast group have broadcast several episodes, with more to come!  Topics in each episode vary, and should be popular with anyone who enjoys podcasting.  Contact us if you have a topic and/or guest speaker you would like to listen to.

Listen to KSSB Discover Podcasting

Orange headphones, a male figure using a cane and guide dog, and musical notes with the words “KSSB Podcast” serve as a logo.

Listen to KSSB Discover Podcasting

Hannah Christenson Talks About Her Work At Envision

Season 2 – E1| November 14, 2022

Hannah Christenson stopped by our hybrid studio to discuss her involvement at Envision down in Wichita, the programs Envision has to offer, Level Up, and more.

Season 1 Finale!

E 32| June 28, 2022

In this final episode of Season 1, we give an update on things to come in the coming months of the podcast, and some of our members say farewell for now. We discuss the future of the show, what our former hosts will be doing, and the possibility of new voices coming into the fold. We introduce some new voices, and Ty makes a guest appearance, after his feature on Episode 20.

A Discussion on Various Aspects of Music

E 31| May 1, 2022

The team is back with another roundtable discussion, where we deviate from our usual topics, and we talk about music instead. We go over what we like to listen to, how we listen to music, what we think our generation listens to, and what releases we’re looking forward to hearing in 2022. At the end of the show, Rich previews some different projects that he and Patrick have worked on, using Logic Pro X on their Macs.

Mason Armstrong talks music production, audiogames, future projects, and software development

E 30| March 30, 2022

  • Mason Armstrong visits the virtual studio to discuss the different programs and games that he’s developed as a blind person, his work as a music producer, and future projects. We also talk about the future of music and technology.
Tidbit From Tony Gebhard

E29 | March 16, 2022

Tony Gebhard stopped by the virtual studio to talk to us about his story. He discusses his life as a musician, his albums, his struggles with addiction, and where he is now. We also talk about how he went from living in Michigan to being a full-time resident in Alaska.

A Morning with Tony Gebhard: An Extraordinary Musician, and a Dynamic Individual-Can you Say Metal?

Tony Gebhard Music

Tony Gebhard shared some audio tutorials about Windows 10!

Podcast Update for March 2, 2022

E28| March 2nd, 2022

Rich briefly gives us an update on what’s been going on in the podcast universe, as well as what to expect in the weeks to come.

A Discussion And Brief Overview of the Apple Watch

E27| January 30th, 2022

The Discover Podcasting team discuss the pros and cons of the Apple Watch, its accessibility features, and other things that may be important for someone who either is interested in getting a watch, or who already has one and wants more information about it. Towards the end of the show, our ol’ pal Rich gives us a brief demonstration on how the Apple Watch works with VoiceOver gestures, as well as going around his favorite watch face.

Todd Morando Talks About Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation Services

E26| January 16th, 2022

Rich is back as host for this episode! Todd Morando stopped by the virtual studio to talk about his job as a Vocation Rehabilitation counselor in Kansas, the process of applying and opening a case with Rehabilitation Services, different policies, etc. We also discuss his life as a college student and how technology has evolved over the years.

Find an office serving your community, and call for an appointment.

Other Resources:

Space Camp with Liam and Gabe

E25| November 30th, 2021

Gabe and Liam join the boys to discuss their experiences at Space Camp For Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS), which was hosted in Huntsville, Alabama.

An Update On Things to Come

E24| October 13th, 2021

In this episode, we make some announcements and give some major updates on what’s been going on.

Mike Lonergan talks about adapting sports in Canada

E23| September 17th, 2021

Mike Lonergan works for BC Sports in British Columbia, Canada. He travels all over the province teaching others about how to adapt sports activities. He regularly visits schools to teach students how to play goal ball, beep baseball, etc.

Distance Learning: The Followup Discussion With More Students

E22| May 6th, 2021

Ajay, Charlie, Nick, Mr. Taylor, and Patrick join Rich in continuing the discussion that we had on the show about distance learning, the new reality from last year. This time, we talked about the hybrid learning schedule, online only, and full in-person learning. We discussed the pros and cons of each, and we also got a chance to poke a little fun at Rich, which is the most important part, right?

Marcus Engel and Narrative Medicine

E21| April 23rd, 2021

Marcus travels all over the country speaking to medical groups about his experience as a patient after a horrific car crash in which he lost his vision. He has published several books and has a master’s degree in Narrative Medicine – he helps others heal from traumatic experiences by sharing their story. He currently lives in Florida and teaches at the University of Notre Dame on the topic of Narrative Medicine to a variety of medical professionals and educators.

20th Episode Celebration, Featuring Ty

E20| April 16th, 2021

Ty stopped by the actual podcast studios (there are quite a few on campus) to celebrate our 20th episode with us. He is a student at the School For the Blind, who is very much interested in the ins and outs of ham radio operation. You will hear about the process of getting an operator license, some of the FCC’s guidelines, and some of Ty’s other hobbies that he likes to do when not at school.

Dan Oates and Space Camp

E19| April 8th, 2021

Dan Oates, the coordinator of Space Camp, talks about how it started; how it was adapted for the visually impaired; and some of the highlights he has experienced.

Abigail Workman and KSSB collaborate to breakdown accessibility barriers in a local business

E18| March 26th, 2021

Abigail Workman, public relations specialist and resource creator, contacted KSSB to work on accessible solutions in a local business. During this episode, Christian (a teacher) and Rich (a student) at the Kansas State School for the Blind talk to Abigail about this collaboration process and issues they encountered.

Jen Houston and the KSSB/UMB Connection

E17| March 8th, 2021

Jen Houston is the community relations manager for UMB Financial Corporation where she works to create opportunities and to be a resource for associates looking to get involved in their communities. During this episode of Discover Podcasting at KSSB, Jen shares with us her job at UMB, and how the bank helps the community in a variety of projects. The connection with KSSB is also discussed.

More than a second career: How Kimberly Rhea became a TVI

E16 | February 5TH, 2021

Kimberly Rhea has made an interesting path for herself by the interests and career experiences she has pursued over the years. She has worked in the business world, taught students in public school, lived through a tornado, and has written several books. In her spare time, she has road motorcycles; made wedding cakes, and told jokes on stage.

Determination and Courage: Jordyn’s insights for the future

E15 | January 14TH, 2021

During this podcast, Jordyn Walker shares about the challenging events in her life and the decision to set a positive path for herself. When others set limitations, she loves to prove them wrong. She talks about her experiences with Braille and learning technology after losing her vision at 15. Jordyn plans to attend the University of Central Missouri in the fall. You can follow Jordyn on Twitter @_blind_bandit_, and you can find her on Instagram @the_real_jay_walker.

Dr. Yu-Ting Su talks about access technology in schools, and the importance of using the right tools

E14 | DECEMBER 18TH, 2020

During this episode, Dr. Yu-Ting Su talks about the difference between access and assistive technology, and the importance of students being taught to use the right tools in school and later applications in life.

Ed Summers talked about his life as a programmer, adjusting to his loss of vision, and advocacy for others that have disabilities

E13 | OCTOBER 29, 2020

Ed Summers is Director of Accessibility at SAS, the market leader in analytics software and services. The SAS accessibility team enables people of all abilities to access the power of analytics. He also serves on the Advisory Council for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the North Carolina Board of Education Advisory Council for the Governor Morehead School for the Blind.

Chip Hailey, Shares his Experiences with Voting

E12 | OCTOBER 23, 2020

During this episode, Chip talked about his experiences voting in his state, and how the process is still inaccessible. He gives examples of how voting machines that were designed for the blind kept on having problems.

Chris Downey, Blind Architect with a Vision

E11 | SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

Chris Downey talks about his life as an architect, and how his loss of vision did not alter his vision within his profession.

Learn more about Chris Downey and his architecture at Architecture for the Blind.

A Discussion on Way Finding with Joe Cioffi

E10 | June 27, 2020

Joe Cioffi spent over 30 years immersed in the deafblind world: as an advocate, a product developer, and a teacher of independent travel skills and tactile communication skills to deafblind youth and adults.   He is the CEO of ClickAndGo Wayfinding is dedicated to bringing independent mobility to everyone–regardless of their ability and at no cost to the user.

Our discussion today talked briefly of his background and how Way Finding evolved in his life and business


E9 | JUNE 19, 2020

Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that connects classroom teachers with tech-industry volunteers to create sustainable CS programs.  During this episode, the TEALS team shared about the JAVA class that was taught at KSSB,  how the instructors got into coding, and the importance of accessibility.  

Allison Hartnett, Regional Manager with TEALS, mentioned the new Computer Science course that will be taught online with KSSB this Fall, 2020 during the afternoon after school hours to make it more accessible.


E8 | MAY 28, 2020

John Panereez, owner of Mac for the Blind, stopped by the virtual studio to discuss how he founded Mac for the Blind, what he did before becoming a certified trainer through Apple, and his views on accessibility of Apple products.

Needed Technology Skills in the Post Secondary Years

E7 | MAY 25, 2020

Robert Beach is an assistive technology specialist at the Kansas City Community College, who has trained and assisted students during their early college years.  He has worked with other agencies such as Envision and the Kansas State School for the Blind to help improve student readiness in technology before leaving the high school years.   During this episode, Robert Beach shares his insights.

Joe Strechay: Discovering a Career in Movies and Becoming an Advocate for the Blind

E6 | MAY 14, 2020

Joe Strechay talks about his journey into the movie business, and co- hosting the Apple TV series “See”.   He reflects on his experiences with the barriers in his life, and the importances of taking risks.

Tidbits from Tyler Merren: A Lifetime in Sports and Challenging Barriers in the Paralympics

E5 | MAY 8, 2020

The Discover Podcasting team is joined by Tyler Merren, who has competed three times in the Paralympics, playing Goalball on a team through the United States Association For Blind Athletes. We cover his new fitness training project, his experience with self-advocacy, his time spent playing Goalball, his love of sports, and much, much more.

Distance Learning Reflections from the Students’ Point of View

E4 | APRIL 22, 2020

The students discuss some questions asked about their experiences with distance learning, through not only KSSB, but their home districts as well.

Tips on Podcasting from the Pros

E3 | APRIL 17, 2020

Hal Bowman is a popular person in the world of podcasting, and we were fortunate to have him as a guest on our new podcasting site.

Assistive Technology History from the Student’s Viewpoint

E2 | APRIL 13, 2020

Technology history from the student’s perspective was discussed, with highlights on their favorites over the years.

Introduction to Podcasting

E1 | APRIL 4, 2020

Podcast starts off with the mechanics, roles, and future topics. Join us and learn about the basics of Podcasting.

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