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The Accessible Arts program is housed on the campus of the Kansas State School for the Blind. In addition to many other lovely features, KSSB is the first school for the blind to have a wayfinding system. 

Curricula, Materials and Assessments Used at KSSB
Accessible Arts
Origami diorama of flowers, grass and cranes.

 The Accessible Arts program provides opportunities for the students to experience the arts from sculpture, painting, music, and more.   

Wayfinding System
What is a Wayfinding System?
  • It is a comprehensive searchable point-to-point narrative guidance, low vision maps, tactile maps, and a campus-wide fleet of iBeacons.
  • Wayfinding is designed to facilitate independent travel on our campus via screenreader, text, and MP3 download, and iPhone app.
  • The KSSB wayfinding system contains over 160 detailed route directions in a searchable database.
  • As travelers use the app and walk near landmarks of interest, discrete audio broadcasts are delivered to their smartphone identifying these landmarks.
A black compass rose with a red KSSB eagle in the middle.
How do I access the KSSB ClickAndGo Wayfinding App?
  • Click on the KSSB app icon below
  • Download the KSSB ClickAndGo Wayfinding App from the App Store
  • Open the KSSB ClickAndGo Map Wayfinding button below

Download the App

A square with rounded edges with the KSSB Sunflower logo with a blue flying eagle in the center.
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