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A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and restraint) in Kansas

The Emergency Safety Interventions  (ESI) developed by Families Together is used by KSSB to inform families of their rights under Emergency Safety Interventions law. It includes information related to prevention, seclusion, restraint, functional behavioral assessments, and behavior intervention plans. Use the links below to review the Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) Family Guides. Please note that links will open in a new tab.

2021-2022 ESI packet KSSB June 2021opens PDF file

Emergency Safety Hotline Contact

Jon Harding, Superintendent –  913-645-5456opens phone dialer

Aundrayah Shermer, Director Field Services – 913-209-0986opens phone dialer

John Martello, Operations Director – School Hours: 913-305-3006opens phone dialer; After Hours: 785-841-5012opens phone dialer or 913-645-5457opens phone dialer

Kansas Bureau of Investigations Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)

The Safe and Secure Schools Unit with the Kansas State Department of Education is excited to announce the launch of a new reporting tool for school and community safety.  The Unit has been working in collaboration with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to release the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).  The SAR does not take the place of calling 911 in an immediate emergency. Instead, it is intended for students, staff, parents, and community members to report suspicious activity.  The KBI receives the report and reviews, analyzes, and acts on the information accordingly.  For tracking purposes, the applicant is given a receipt number, but the report remains anonymous if the user wishes.

The SAR can be accessed at the Suspicious Activity Report page on the KBI Website, or by clicking an icon either on the Safe and Secure School’s website or the KBI website.

In addition, the QR Code below has been created as a fast, easy way to connect to the SAR via a cell phone camera.  Simply opening the camera on a cell phone and pointing at the QR Code will direct the individual to the SAR.  This QR Code is designed to print out and post anywhere throughout the school, sports complex, bus, etc. for easy access.

A circle yellow, black and red QR Code to report Suspicious Activity.

Additional information will be provided this fall to help school districts inform students, staff, and parents about the purpose and use of SAR.

The Safe and Secure Schools Unit would like to thank those at the KBI for their dedication to helping us keep Kansas schools safe.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Susan McMahan or John Calvert, as listed below.

Susan McMahan
School Safety Specialist (Lead)
Safe and Secure Schools Unit
(785) 296-4946opens phone dialer
smcmahan@ksde.orgcreate new email

John Calvert
School Safety Specialist
Safe and Secure Schools Unit
(785) 296-7056opens phone dialer
jcalvert@ksde.orgcreate new email

Kansas Department of Education (KSDE)

KSDE provides a list of resources for families and educators related to topics in special education – including a Guide to Special Education and Parents Rights Document. To view the entire list of resources, click the link KSDE SPED Resources, which will open in a new tab.

Kansas State Assessment Letter

This letter contains information about the dates the students will be participating in the State Assessments.

Please review the Assessment Parent Letteropens WORD file .

KSSB - Emergency Procedures

A handbook describing the Emergency Procedures established to reduce risks or prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis situation. Use the link below to review the procedures. Please note that the link will open in a new tab.

KSSB Emergency Procedures 3.20.19 – pdf

KSSB Emergency Procedures – word format

KSSB Parent and Student Handbook

The Parent and Student Handbook outlines school policies and describes expectations and responsibilities for students. Additional policies include privacy, due process, use of technology, and other issues for parents and students.  The bullying policy is located on page 18 of the Parent/Student Handbook. Please use the link below to download, read, and review the information contained in the handbook. The link will open in a new tab.


Student Placement/ Residential Campus Policy

Guidelines and policies developed and used when determining residential placement at KSSB. Use the link below to review this policy. Please note the link will open in a new tab.

Student Placement_Residential Campus Policy 04.30.20opens PDF file

Student Placement_Residential Campus Policy 04.30.20opens WORD file

Suicide Prevention Policy

KSSB Suicide Prevention Policy was developed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its students, to promote healthy development, to safeguard against the threat or attempt of suicide among school-aged youth. The goal of the policy is to outline suicide prevention activities, staff training, and response procedures and designed to help eliminate confusion over educator roles and the referral process.  Please use the link below to download and read the information contained in the suicide prevention policy. The link will open in a new tab.

Suicide Prevention Policy docxopens WORD file

Contact for Health Services

KSSB has a team of dedicated professional nurses who collaborate with parents, colleagues, and students to ensure a safe, healthy environment.  They know that maintaining good health supports overall learning. They provide guidance to students, parents, staff, and others about health-related issues. Our school nurses care about the health of each student and support them as they strive to reach their health-related goals. Please contact one of the School Nurses if you have any health-related questions or concerns.

Phone: 913-305-3030opens phone dialer

Michele Averycreate new email: RN – Day Nurse

Tonya Yanezcreate new email: LPN – Evening Nurse

Brandy Canncreate new email: LPN – Night Nurse

Health Services Forms

KSSB nursing staff support the health and safety of students.  They follow policies that comply with state guidelines.  One policy is related to medication administration.  If your child needs over the counter medication during the school day, please download and complete the Over the Counter (OTC) form or contact a KSSB nurse by phone or email.  Please note, it is not an exhaustive list but provides possible options so it is important that you document any over-the-counter medication needed even if is not specifically listed. 

opens WORD file

Health Services Resources

Healthy Children

Kansas Immunization Schedule

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight,  wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. -Herophilus. 300 B.C.”

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