Algebra 2 Online

Algebra 2 Online

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Author: Garrett Turner


My name is Garrett Turner. I am currently a 16-year-old going to Oskaloosa high school. My interests include technology, specifically computers, weather radios, and dial-up modems. My hobbies include programming and listening to the way technology sounds through an AM radio. Math has helped me in programming. Without it, I would not know what to input to manipulate numbers. … I feel that math is going to be used in a lot for my future. My future dream is to get a job as a computer programmer and to use my programming job to help people.

In a general sense, I do not like school. However, I do have a favorite class, that being advanced programming. I feel that sometimes, teachers attempt to teach a curriculum too fast, rather than entirely making sure you know each part of that curriculum.

I do not like math, for the most part, most likely because I was never able to understand it. I have never been the best at math, but this last year has been an improvement since I am being taught one on one. I don’t really have a good opinion on mathematics; however, my liking for math will improve as I understand more of it. I like the Algebra 1 online math course by my teacher, Sanda Craig.  I can honestly say it has been the most memorable experience with math I have ever had. I expect to learn about more concepts relating to Algebra 2, as well as other unrelated math concepts.

Students need a pleasant teaching environment and shouldn’t be without one on one help from a teacher. A good teaching environment allows for better learning, as well as a faster advancement through the curriculum. One on one help makes a big difference when it comes to concepts someone does not understand. I’m would be happy to speak to an audience about how I take this online Algebra class or use technology at school.

Note: Garrett is back for the second year of Distance Learning. Last year he took Algebra 1 and is now taking Algebra 2 this year.

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