Space Camp: Student Reflections

Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students Blog Post By:  Pam Arbeiter, Regional Field Services Specialist - Northeast Kansas KS Students: Kimberly Herrick, Tyler Kitchengs, Evan Klamm, & Zoe Murrow October 18, 2022 Thanks to the generosity of the KC Blind All Stars Foundation, four high school seniors from Kansas…

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Ms. Nicole Takes on Blind Soccer

Ms. Nicole wears shorts and t-shirt and is blindfolded ready to kick a soccer ball on a soccer field

The Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (VSDB) hosted its first-ever blind soccer education summit this week. Ms. Nicole was one of 30 participants from 18 different states spent the week at the VSDB learning how to establish, teach and maintain a blind soccer team. Read and watch the…

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KC Parade of Hearts

KSSB student and teacher feeling the moss on a large heart in a park in Kansas City, KS

Parade of Hearts is an outdoor public art experience with the goal to bring unity and hope to our Kansas City community. More than 100 local KC artists have displayed their unique art on a large 5ft by 5ft acrylic heart throughout the metro. Because of the seemingly visual nature…

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KSSB Olympic Games

On Tuesday, March 8th, KSSB held Olympic Games for the students in the gym! Students in Ms. Demar's class studied Ancient Greece and not only had games for student but also created Ancient Greek Story Boxes. The students created objects and narratives describing different elements of Ancient Greek Culture. Among…

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What Happens in the Extended Day Program?

a girl sits at a table and painting on a canvas that lays flat on the table in front of her

School has ended and the day is complete. However, students are still on campus....because they live there! What do they do? There are many different things from working on school work, socializing, nighttime O&M lessons, work on technology, eat dinner, etc. Below is a glimpse into some of the things…

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Blind Soccer

student with short blond hair wearing sunglasses is feeling a soccer ball

Legends KC Soccer Club in Merriam opened their doors to KSSB on Friday, January 28, 2022. The students had fun playing soccer on an enclosed turf field. The students had a blast learning about the game and practicing a bit!

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Mobile STEM Unit to Pittsburg, KS

APH Snap Circuit pieces laid out on a table

On November 29, 2021 the KSSB Mobile STEM Unit took to the road again to Pittsburg, KS. Students, teachers, and aids had a wonderful time! Do you want the Mobile STEM Unit to come to your district? Learn more about the program and complete a registration form.

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Makerspace Continues to Rock and Roll!

grey t-shirt with KSSB in orange and Eagles below in white, the t-shirt was created by students at the KSSB Makerspace

The KSSB students continue to advance their skills and creativity in the Makerspace! Accessibility is so much easier for a low vision student when using a laptop, and not the build-in LCD menu .  Since the laptop has several magnification tools, the student can select which tool is best for…

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STEM Van Goes to Iola, KS

a teacher and student sit on the floor and have created a path for a robot to follow that is on puzzles

On Thursday, November 11th, 2021 the STEM van hit the road again. This time the students at Jefferson Elementary were able to explore the variety of options the STEM van has to offer. Both the students and the teachers had a wonderful day of exploring, creating, problem solving, and learning!…

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