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Algebra 2 Online

The View Of The Student Through The Computer Camera. A Small Box View At The Top Of The Screen Is Of The Online Algebra Teacher. The Smiling Student On The Main Screen Is Wearing Headphones In One Ear.

Mathography - Enjoying Algebra Online! Author: Garrett Turner 9-17-2019 My name is Garrett Turner. I am currently a 16-year-old going to Oskaloosa high school. My interests include technology, specifically computers, weather radios, and dial-up modems. My hobbies include programming and listening to the way technology sounds through an AM radio.…

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From Puppy to Guide Dog

Guide Dog In Harness Lying On The Floor.

Teamwork - Handler and Guide Dog! By Christian Puett September 08, 2019 When you see a dog walking with an individual who is blind, you may wonder how they go from a cute, playful puppy to a valuable partner with a significant job to do. Dog guides or guide dogs…

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KSSB Prom – A Magical Night

Welcome to KSSB Prom - Spring 2019 Spring is here and that means the Prom is right around the corner.  It is the time of year when high school students dress in their most elegant gowns and dapper tuxedo suits. Ever wonder when this tradition began? The spring prom is…

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Robin Watch Spring 2019

A Robin With Black Feathers On Back And Wings And Red Chest

Robin Watch 2019 Author: Sandra Craig April 25: First egg seen in nest Robins have been nesting in this spot under the air conditioner in the Science Room for several years.  Here is something interesting about that fact: “Robins do not normally use the same nest year after year, but if they have good…

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