Action Packed Boys and Girls Weekend!

Action Packed Boys And Girls Weekend!

Image description: The starting line filled with racers wearing the light blue t-shirt with print and braille of “KC Blind All-Star 5K Run”. The Hoot Owl logo on the upper left. 

A Dance, A Race, A Soccer Game – and the ECC

By Susan Pollan


KSSB Boys and Girls weekends are held twice a year, one in fall and one in the Spring. Students look forward to these two action-packed weekends each year. For the adults, the weekend is an opportunity to teach skills from the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). The ECC contains ten specialized instructional categories designed to address the unique needs of students who are blind or who have a visual impairment. The students, however, view these weekends as a way to connect with their friends and create beautiful memories. 

The 2019 Fall Boys and Girls weekend was action-packed. In addition to the students who currently attend KSSB, kids from across the state joined in the fun. Friday night, after everyone arrived, they kicked the weekend off with a Pizza Party and dance in the gym.

Saturday everyone participated in our first 5K / 1 Mile walk for our non-profit, KC Blind All-Stars Foundation which helps to fund activities like the Boys and Girls Weekend. With over 200 participants, it was a competitive field. It was awesome to see every student come across the finish line with pride and happiness that they completed the run or walk. 

Image Description: A student is holding a cup of water and a guide runner in a yellow vest. Both runners are sweaty but still on the move as they cross the 5K finish line.

A student and guide runner at the finish line.

After the race, everyone rested and regrouped, and then it was off to the Sporting KC soccer game. Several students enjoyed that event the most and talked about it being the first-ever major league soccer game for them. The students loved the atmosphere at the soccer event. The enthusiastic crowd cheered on their beloved team, and the kids joined in with signs and shouts of encouragement. 

Image description: About 27 people, are wearing light blue KC Blind All-Star 5K Run t-shirts, standing in front of a wall of vining plants and the Sporting KC Sign. The Sporting KC logo is an upside-down teardrop shape. At the top of the emblem are the words: “Kansas City Sporting.” The left side contains 11 stripes for the number of players on a field. On the right side, the letters “S” and “C” letters are intertwined. The bottom of the “S” loops into the center of the “C.”

Group photo at the Sporting Chance Soccer Game.

Many students were asking about the next Boys and Girls Weekend. Stay tuned: the KSSB staff have already started to plan for the Spring – Boys and Girls Weekend!  Mark your calendar for March 27-29, 2020. 


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