There are two types of programs offered during the summer.  A brief listing with dates, location, age of students served, and the cost is provided below.

KS Prep Program

  • Job Preparation
  • High School +
  • Grades 9th – 12th, Transition 
  • June 7 – 25, 2021 Kansas City

K-SEE Program

  • Kansas Summer Expanded Education
  • Elementary & Middle School
  • Grades Kindergarten – 8th 
  • June 7-11 OR June 14-18 OR June 21-25, 2021

*Parent and/or TSVI will choose ONE of these weeks (see below for more info)   

Important ESY Information for 2021 (click to open)


  • DEADLINE for submission of completed application: February 19, 2021
  • Participants accepted into ESY programs notified March 1, 2021
  • Participants must meet eligibility criteria of visual impairment under the Kansas guidelines.
  • Program cost is $300.00/wk for KS residents / Out of state $900.00/wk
  • Once allotted spots are filled, applications will be placed on a waitlist.
  • Priority for dorm:  Attending from outside of KC metro area, do not attend KSSB during school year. 
  • TSVI’s and local district will communicate with parents regarding transportation.  
  • Participant applications must be complete, including approval of the Local Education Agency.
  • While we fully intend to offer in person programs, should there be a change in illness related absences by student or staff, KSSB may need to offer programs remotely. 
  • Kansas State School for the Blind staff will be responsible for the selection of instructors, employees, participants, practicum instructors, and interns.
  • Kansas State School for the Blind ESY team will conduct training of all staff hired. This will include mandated reporting, safety precautions for COVID-19,  Expanded Core Curriculum, and Orientation and Mobility guide techniques. 
  • Questions? Contact Aundrayah Shermer, KSSB ESY Program Coordinator, ashermer@kssdb.orgcreate new email,  913-305-3016, or Jon Harding, Superintendent, jharding@kssdb.orgcreate new email , 913-305-3014. 

KS Prep Summer Program

The goal of the KSSB KS Prep Summer Program is to offer experiential learning related to job exploration, development of job skills, and understanding workplace culture. This three-week-long session will provide advanced Expanded Core Curriculum experiences in a residential setting for participants who plan to enter the world of work or post-secondary education.  All areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum are embedded into this life-changing program. 

KS Prep Program Information for 2021 (click to open)

  • This ESY program is limited to 15 Participants
  • Participants must have completed 8th grade and enrolled in their local high school or have completed high school credits and are entering or currently attending the KSSB Transition program. 
  • Participants must meet eligibility criteria of visual impairment under the Kansas guidelines.
  • Participants arrive on June 6 and depart on June 25.
  • Single rooms for all participants will be provided.   
  • TSVI’s and participants’ local district will be in communication with parents regarding transportation to and from the KSSB campus in Kansas City, KS. 

K-SEE Elementary & Middle School Program

The goal of the Kansas Summer Expanded Education Program for Elementary and Middle School participants is to focus instruction in the nine areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum while participants engage in a fun-filled, dynamic learning program.  Participants will rotate through ECC domains during this week-long program.  Braille, Access Technology, and Orientation and Mobility are embedded each day while focus classes of Recreation and Leisure, Activities of Daily Living, and STEM/Maker Space will challenge participants to reach their fullest potential. 

K-SEE Program Information for 2021 (click to open)

  • Participants must be entering Kindergarten up to completed 8th grade by June 1, 2021. 
  • The program is ONE week only and limited to 25 participants each of the three weeks. 
  • Should space in a separate week become available, parents/TSVIs will be notified on March 1 and can attend a second or third week.  Please check the box on the application if you are interested in this option should space allow. 
  • Should weeks become unbalanced with participant applications, KSSB reserves the right to make adjustments.   
  • Participants must be age 10 or older to reside in the dorm (Extended Day Program).  
  • Single rooms will be provided for those eligible for dorm. (See priority information on the front page).  
  • Participants are expected to follow directions and be respectful. Participants who have Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) must consult with the Program Coordinator prior to submitting an application.

2021 Extended School Year (ESY) Guide

ESY Changes

Our Extended School Year programs for 2021 will look different than years past, but the goal remains the same:  to provide participants who are Blind/VI with experiences that provide skills in areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.  Specifically, we target Access Technology, Orientation and Mobility, Braille, Social Skills, Independent Living Skills, and Career Education. 

On-Site Instruction at KSSB's Campus

ESY instruction will be held exclusively on KSSB’s Campus this year, from June 7-25. We will not be hosting an ESY program in Hays this summer. This is because we cannot confirm the availability of facilities at Ft. Hays State University, and we wish to limit disruptions that would be caused due to cancellations at a later date. While we regret this temporary pause in our Hays activities, we believe it is a necessary compromise.

One Week Experience for K-8

The safety of participants and staff is our first priority. This means that participants in grades Kdg-8th will have a one-week ESY experience. However, participants (grades 9th-12th + entering or current Transition participants) will still have a three-week ESY experience

While this is a difficult decision, it will allow us to limit the number of participants on campus at any one time and ensure that we can adhere to safety measures related to COVID. In a single week, no more than 20 participants will reside in the dorm at one time, and no more than 40 participants will be present during daytime classes.

Daily/Weekly Schedule

K-SEE participants will be assigned by weeks June 7-11; June 14-18; OR June 21-25.  Please indicate on the application form your preference.  Should space become available in a second or third week, parents and TSVI will be notified and participants can attend a second week or third choice.  The KS PREP participants will be on-site for the duration of ESY (all three weeks). Classes for all programs begin @ 8:00 am and end at 3:00 pm daily.  

Health and Safety

KSSB has worked with the Wyandotte County/Unified Government closely this present school year. County Health Departments have the authority to set regulations for schools that reside within county boundaries. KSSB is also following guidance from the KS State Department of Education, and we are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Links to each agency’s guidance can be found here.

ReStart WYCO: KS State Department of Education: 


All adults and participants will be required to wear masks while on campus. Masks may be removed for short periods:  when outside (and more than 6’ apart), when eating, etc. Our intent is to educate and encourage rather than ‘enforce’ the use of masks. Any participant with a documented medical condition that would cause the use of masks to be unsafe will not be required to use a mask. Participants with significant disabilities would not be expected to wear masks. We encourage staff and participants to bring their own masks. Masks should be washed daily. KSSB will provide single-use masks for participants who do not bring their own or need another one. 


KSSB employs full-time nurses who will work full-time during the summer 2021 programs. Nurses will assist KSSB administrators in determining when participants need to be sent home, when to keep participants in isolation, communicating with County Health Department officials, communicating with parents, and conducting contact tracing on our campus. 

COVID Practices

  • KSSB intends to continue the following practices this summer for all ESY programs
    • Temperature screenings and masks for all staff and visitors upon arrival 
    • Masks for participants  (medical exclusions apply)
    • A quarantine room in our dorm for any student who is ill but is awaiting transportation home
    • Increased spacing in classrooms, including individual student desks 6’ apart when at all possible
    • Constant air flow and ventilation (outside air is used), using our HVAC fans and/or windows
    • UV lighting in our HVAC system and via portable systems in classrooms. 
    • Daily use of foggers PermaSafe for disinfectant and anti-microbial applications 
    • Enhanced cleaning: disinfecting of contact surfaces 
    • Scheduled hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer
    • Reporting any suspected COVID-related illness to county health departments, parents, and staff

    Screening on Arrival

    KSSB will utilize the rear gate (11th & Washington) as a single entry point for all vehicles coming onto campus. At a checkpoint (a small shed near the northwest corner of the track), a screener will greet vehicles. ESY participants will exit buses/vans/cars behind Edlund Dormitory and will be screened inside the lower level at a screening station. 

    The screening will be done by either a nurse and/or teaching staff and will include a temperature check using a digital heat thermometer, some basic questions about how participants feel, and non-toxic, disinfectant spray or wipes for backpacks. Participants will wash their hands before breakfast and then move to their assigned classroom at 7:55 to start the program at 8:00 a.m. 

    Classroom and Dining 

    KSSB will provide individual desks and chairs, spaced 6’ apart in ESY classrooms.  We do not expect more than 8 participants in any classroom at one time during the summer 2021 programs. Participants will dine in rotating shifts. 

    Updated Contact Lists

    It is critical that parents provide us with their most current contact information in order that we can disseminate information quickly and accurately. This means personal cell phones, home phones, email addresses, work phone numbers, mailing addresses, as well as emergency contacts should be kept up to date. We ask that you assist us in ensuring your information is kept current by contacting Aundrayah Shermer at ashermer@kssdb.orgcreate new email or calling 913-305-3016

    If Participant is Sick

    Parents, please contact the office directly at 913-305-3015 if the participant is sick and being kept home for the day.

    KSSB follows Wyandotte County Quarantine and Isolation Guidance for Schools which is found here: 

    Become Ill While in Program

    KSSB has a space separate from the nurse’s office where participants who may have COVID-19 or another potentially communicable illness and waiting for pick-up. Only essential staff and participants assigned to space may enter, all will sign in so that there is a record of the persons who entered the room.  The room will be disinfected several times, and strict social distancing is required. Staff must wear appropriate PPE. Participants who are ill will be walked out of the building to their parents.

    For Sunday afternoon/evening drop-offs, we ask that parents/family avoid entering the dormitory. Dorm staff will greet parents/family outside and receive medications, forms, or special instructions. Parents/drivers can call our dorm staff prior to arrival at 913-305-3050 to make arrangements for an exchange.  If parents must enter the dorm, we will require a temperature check and ask that masks be worn at all times. For those needing to use the restroom, there is a bathroom available in Irwin building, next to the security office. 


    Afternoon and evening dorm activities will be conducted in smaller groups and staff will utilize multiple spaces and buildings on campus to conduct small group sessions (gym, library, track, sensory garden, Makerspace, etc.). Transition participants will be separate from middle and high school participants, when at all possible. Dinner in the cafeteria will be staggered and/or delivered to participants. In milder weather, participants can eat outside in the sensory garden. 

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