KSSB is offering Family Activity Boxes (FAB), for families who sign up. Three activity boxes will be available per year: one in the fall, one in the winter, and one at the end of the school year.

Each box contains an activity for the whole family! Along with the materials for completing the activity, you’ll find instructions in braille or large print, depending on the need.

There are three options to choose from and each option is designed for a specific age range. Box A is for young children or children who are not reading symbolic print or braille at the time of registration. Box B is geared toward elementary students who have some knowledge and use of braille and/or large print. Box C is for our middle/high schoolers.

KSSB’s focus this year is on pairing the ECC with our Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
curriculum. Our SEL word for October is “grit”, which means courage, resolve and strength of character. The fall boxes concentrate on recreation and leisure skills while incorporating family togetherness with a challenge. It’s Family Game Night!

Please contact Susan Threinencreate new email with any questions!

Box A Contents & Documents

Box A Contents and Documents:
Box A was designed for young children or children who are not reading symbolic print or braille at this time. 

CAUTION! Box A should only be used under adult supervision due to small pieces presenting a possible choking hazard!

Materials: Snakes and Ladders board game

Activity: Snakes and Ladders is a variation of the classic game Chutes and Ladders®. This 3D version of the game makes it easier for those with visual impairments to tactually see the game board.

Documents: The directions will be provided in braille or large print, depending on what you request.

Box B Contents & Documents

Box B Contents and Documents:

Box B was designed for elementary-aged children who love a good challenge.

CAUTION! Box B should only be used under adult supervision due to small pieces presenting a possible choking hazard!

Materials: “Operation”® board game

Activity: Who hasn’t performed delicate surgery to remove a funny bone while playing
the board game Operation®?

Documents: The directions will be provided in braille or large print, depending on what
you request.

Box C Contents & Documents

Box C Contents and Documents:
Box C is designed for middle school and high school students who like a challenge.

Materials: “The UpsideDownChallenge”™ game

Activity: “The UpsideDownChallenge”™ game. Try to complete tasks while wearing goggles that turn everything upside down! 

Fall 2022 boxes will ship in late October and registration for the winter boxes will begin in early January!

ELIGIBILITY*: Children/students, aged infants through 12th grade, living in the state of Kansas and diagnosed with a visual impairment that impacts their ability to access print materials. The student benefits from and uses either braille, large print, or a digital format as his/her primary learning mode as a result of the visual impairment.  In addition, your child must meet the eligibility criteria for visual impairment from the Kansas Department of Education which includes:

  • visual impairment that requires dependence on tactile and auditory media for learning
  • chronic or progressive condition exists which interferes with the visual learning mode


SHIPPING: 60 FABs will be sent, three times a year: fall, winter and spring!

QUESTIONS: Please contact Susan Threinencreate new email or the KSSB Field Services Specialist in your region with questions about KSSB’s incredible FAB program!

*Documentation may be requested to determine eligibility

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