September 2020 Eagle Update

A Teacher And Three Students Sitting On The 4 Person Accessible See Saw On The New Playground.


Right Help, Right Time, Right Location 

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Featured this Month

Discover Podcasting at KSSB

Students from around the state participate in the KSSB Student-Led Podcasting course. Since the beginning of April 2020, a small group of students has created over ten podcasts. Listening to these incredible podcasts, we have the opportunity to hear from individuals all over the country. Don’t miss out on any of the KSSB Discover Podcast Interviews. The student interviews are inciteful. 

Orange headphones, a male figure using a cane and guide dog, and musical notes with the words “KSSB Podcast” serve as a logo.

Last Episode: Architect Chris Downey

Next episode: Chip Hailey, who lives in Joplin, MO, and is a community leader there. Chip has worked with the Missouri Assistive Technology Advisory Council and is active with the Missouri Council of the Blind. He often advocates for legislative changes for the blind at the state and federal level. He will talk about barriers he has experienced trying to vote. Podcasts available on the opens in a new windowKSSB Website,  opens in a new windowiTunes, or  opens in a new windowSimplecast 

Image: Orange headphones, a male figure using a cane and guide dog, and musical notes with the words “KSSB Podcast” serve as a logo.


Mobile STEM Unit

A large white van with KSSB's new logo is parked in the circle drive, next to a display table with KSSB's logo.

A large ramp leading into the large white van filled with storage shelves and equipment.

The MOBILE STEM UNIT is taking a road trip. Each month the STEM unit team plans to stop at various locations across Kansas. The first stop is early in the day on October 16, 2020, at Pittsburg State University to work with undergraduates in an Inclusive Design Class. From 3:00-6:00, the team will host a Coding and Makerspace event for families of students who are blind or have low vision. Look for Future Events in Hays and Royal Valley Elementary (Hoyt). Next month’s event will be in Hays, Kansas. 

To obtain details related to location, schedule of events, and prizes, please REGISTER in advance.   

Image above: A large white van with KSSB’s new logo is parked in the circle drive, next to a display table with KSSB’s logo. Image to right: A large ramp leading into the large white van filled with storage shelves and equipment. 

Listen to the Audio Flyer


Highlight – Events for Families

As part of our Family Connect and Learn Series – Vince Cianfrone from Nanopac has agreed to offer a Zoom webinar for families on Saturday, October 10, from 9:30-11:00. 

opens in a new windowNANOPAC offers products and services for individuals with disabilities in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Over the past 30 years, this company has received several awards for quality service to individuals with disabilities in the area of assistive technology. If you have questions about access technology, join our Q&A session with Vince Cianfrone from Nanopac. We look forward to seeing you for the Live Webinar.

For more information read our Post

“October Family Connect and Learn”

REGISTER at opens in a new windowEventbrite AT Q&A to obtain online meeting details

Highlight from the classroom

The students are excited – the KSSB campus swimming pool is OPEN!. This fall, music therapy joins in the swimming action with the APE teacher. Some students spend time learning to float to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” The use of a familiar song helped some students relax, increasing success floating in the water. The short, familiar song provides a timeframe for the start and end of the floating activity. As the music begins, the instructor supports the student. Support is removed for the last second or two as the song nears its end. Floating is a success – one second at a time.  Image: Student in floating in the pool, while the teacher supports by gently keeping chin facing upward. 

Student in floating in the pool, while teacher supports by gently keeping chin facing upward.

Highlight from the Extended Day Program

Students hit the ground running with after school track practice, clubs, daily chores, homework, nightly activities, and have just started a segment on personal hygiene. The boys and the girls kicked off the Personal Hygiene group with grooming tips, discussing areas that they would like to learn more about, challenges they face, and received nail care items for their personal use. All of them are asking when the next group will be! Image: A line of students, wearing masks, at the starting line of the KSSB track, eagerly waiting for the sound to blast off.  

Student at the starting line ready to run the race.


Highlight from the Community

On September 25. KSSB hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the new inclusive playground and showcase fantastic community support for our school and students. Featured on  opens in a new windowThe Pitch – Kansas City Independent Source for News and Culture. 





Two students under a bright red canopy and sitting on a double swing facing each other.

Highlight from across the state…

White Cane Awareness Day Oct 15. A white cane stretched diagonally across a blue square.Join us for White Cane Day – on Thursday, October 15 at 10:00 am

KSSB invite students and families across Kansas will celebrate White Cane Safety throughout October! We invite anyone who uses a white cane to send a 1-2 minute video to  opens in a new windowKylie Kilmercreate new email describing why you love your cane. Kylie Kilmer will compile with others for our celebration.

We look forward to a formal proclamation from Governor Laura Kelly at some point during the month, as well as a virtual celebration on Thursday, October 15, at 10 am. Use the  opens in a new windowWhite Cane Day Registration Link to register and submit questions for the Paralympian, speaker, author, and musician, Lex Gillette! Learn more about Lex Gillette at his website or by searching him on your favorite social media outlet!

Highlight from the Deafblind Project

Dear Parents and Guardians,

If you haven’t been to our REVERSE HAPPY HOUR — you are missing out!

Kacy Seitz and Lisa Collette prepared an exciting evening of FUN, PRIZES, AND INFORMATION FOR YOU. Lisa is a parent of a child with combined hearing and vision loss and the Family Engagement Coordinator for the Kansas Deaf-Blind Project. Kacy is a parent of a child with special needs and offers a workshop that helps family members better understand the planning our children may need during all life stages. Legal Planning Considerations: Special Needs Trusts, Letter/Memorandum of Intent, Guardianship. Financial Planning Considerations: How to Fund a Special Needs Trust, ABLE accounts & other important topics. Benefit Planning Considerations: Finding and accessing federal benefits like SSI & SSDI, Medicaid, Waivers, etc.

JOIN OUR TRIVIA NIGHT and ONLINE PRESENTATION ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Register here using the  opens in a new windowKSDB Project jotform

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