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Expanded Core on the Road: Celebrate Access! (Wichita)

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A student smiles and points at something he found with his handheld telescope.


Celebrate Access!!

A new event that takes the Braille Celebration on the road to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the braille code and the access it has created for all persons with visual impairments. Details coming soon. Check back soon for exact location information and registration!

The Expanded Core on the Road logo. A black road with white lines curves into the center of a yellow sunflower. The word "Expanded" wraps around the top of the sunflower and the words "Core on the Road" extend out of the center of the sunflower. Three red circle symbols at the bottom show a hand reading braille, a person walking with a long cane and three people in a group.

Event Details

Date: February 29, 2024


Registration Required? Yes

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