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Bulletin Board With Words: White Cane Day And A Small Kiddie Cane Attached.

Happy White Cane Safety Day!

Aubree teaches us about her beloved cane and all the ways it can help her! Read more about White Cane Safety Day   KSSB hosted a White Cane Day Panel!

Student Wearing Headphones Sitting In A Fighter Jet Simulator.

Kansas Students Blast Off to Space Camp 2021

Two students and two chaperones recently attended Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS) at the end of September in Huntsville, Alabama.  This is a weeklong camp, which is…

Girl Hanging From Monkey Bars At School Playground

Fun on the Playground

Sometimes work is pushed to the side for just a minute! This little girl could not wait to show and demonstrate her favorite playground equipment to her COMS, Debbie Moody.

Child Reaching To Pick Up A Dandelion

Busy September in Pre-School Enrichment

The 3-5 year olds in the KSSB pre-school enrichment program have been busy this September! They have spent the month learning about apples! So many things have been done from…

6 Students Balance Themselves On A Teeter Totter

What is Balance?

Student's in Ms. Rhea's science class take learning outside. Students position themselves on a teeter totter to learn about the concept of balance.

Two Students Leaning Over A Desk Working On A Woodworking Project

MakerSpace Helping to Enhance Job Skills

KSSB's MakerSpace is on fire these days! Students have a wide variety of items to work with but while working they are enhancing job skills. Students can use 3D printers,…

Gracie Posing In Her Dorm Room Wearing Flip Flops, Jeans And Long Sleeved T-shirt

I’m Just Like Everyone Else

The following is a note from Gracie Fisher. She is a sophomore at Southwest Baptist University. With her permission, her Facebook post is below. ANOTHER EDUCATION POST: Yesterday almost every…

Lex Gillette Running With His Guide In The Olympics

Running Blind: A Guide for the Guide

What is a Guide Runner?   A guide runner is a volunteer who assists a person with a visual impairment in running. Whether it is a short jog around the park, a…

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