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The Resource Section of the KSSB Website is filled with supports and information for educators services students who are blind or have low vision. 

Administrator Resources

Administrators will find resources related to Standards, Guidelines, Vision Professional roles, and responsibilities as well as caseload analysis. To view, these resources go to the Administrator Resource page

Educator Resources

Educators will find resources on topics such as meeting the needs of students who are blind or have low vision in the classroom. In addition, there are links to specific resources for core content subjects and specialty courses.  To view, these resources go to the Educator Resources page. 


TSVI’s and COMS may find information and resources related to the specialized instructional areas within the Expanded Core Curriculum. Enjoy review that information on the ECC page


KSSB Field Services have complied information into content specific Livebinders. Currently, the Livebinders hold information on CVI, the FVA/LMA, or general TSVI Resources. 

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