KSSB moved to a continuous learning plan for the remainder of the school year. 

Parents, if you are in need of emergency assistance in your community, you can find help at an organization called 211. Please know that most local school districts are serving to-go breakfast and lunches.
KSSB’s Continuous Learning Plan” got off to a great start this past Monday (3/30). For more information, read through the details of the KSSB CLP. This plan will be submitted to the State Board of Education for approval before April 8th.
In addition to instruction for our own students, we are also offering extra-curricular classes for students who would like to participate. These include classes like Podcasting, Career Exploration, Public Speaking and Health/Wellness. Find out how more about these options and how to register here see our information about the opens in a new windowCLP Extracurricular Course Offerings.  Note that space is limited.

KSSB COVID-19 Policy

The KSSB Covid-19 Plan was developed to help identify possible risks, to minimize the risk of exposure to the staff and students, to assist in making good choices, and to help reduce the possible spread of infection in consideration of the well-being of everyone in the KSSB community. Please review the KSSB COVID-19 plan.pdf.

Activity Cancellations due to CoVID-19

Please note that several KSSB activities are canceled as a result of CoVID-19. See the following list:
  • Salina Eye Gaze workshop (March 26)
  • Boys and Girls weekend (March 27-29)
  • Vision Screening Workshop (March 27)
  • Low Vision Clinics (March 30&31)
  • Low Vision Clinic (April 1)
  • OVT Visit (April 2)
  • Job Olympics (April 3)
  • Jazz band SWIACCC (April 6)
  • Goalball Demo at KU  (April 7)
  • Spring Concert (April 9)
  • Easter Egg Hunt (April 9)  
  • COSB Outreach in OK (April 13-17)
  • State Board Visit (April 15)
  • Stillwater, MN Orchestra Performance (April 16)
  • DNA Day (April 17)
  • Prom (April 24)
  • Family Forum (April 25)
  • Forensics trip to TN (May 1-3)
  • Alumni Weekend (May 15-16)
  • Surprise Graduation Party (May 4)
  • Graduation (May 14)

Still to be determined:

  •       ESY Training Day (June 4)
  •       ESY (June 8-26)

If you have any questions, please contact the administration. 

Jon Harding at jharding@kssdb.org or
Aundrayah Shermer at ashermer@kssdb.org 
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