A Beautiful Campus

KSSB offers both a day and extended day program on a large campus. The residential extended day program is provided so that eligible students living beyond commuting range may access the school’s educational program.

KSSB Entrance Sign

KSSB entrance Sign listing name, address, accessible arts, deaf blind project, Head Start and KIRC.

Administration Building

The entrance to the administration building.

Sensory Garden

A triangular water pond created using red brick. The water is covered with green lily pads and a few white flowers in bloom. In the backgroudn trees giving shade to the grass, plants, benches and sidewalks.
A garden of lush tree, shrubbery, rocks, plants and flowers along the path to the dorm.

Edlund Residence Hall

Building with a partial arch shaped space on center top with extensions to left and right. Trees on left, center and right size and 3 flags flying out in front. A parking lot in foreground of photo.

Arrival and Departure

Three students arriving on campus. The recreation center in background, yellow crosswalk and then sidewalk to the back door of Edlund Hall. 2 students sitting on chairs outside the cottage as students walk by.
A white van with wheelchair lift parked in front of yellow cross walk between Recreation Building and Edlund Hall. A student who is in a wheelchair is waiting with teacher in red shirt to board the van. The front hood of a yellow bus is partially seen at the crosswalk.


Entrance to cafeteria building showing glass opaque brick wall on the left, red brick wall with large window and a large automatic door on front facing wall. Three brick pillars and large concrete patio with two round picnic tables out front. Three large trees with leaves in fall colors out front.

Johnson Building

a close up of a red brick building with a printed white banner that says Welcome and the KSSB logo. A blue plastic large name plate that says Johnson.

Walking to Class

Three students walking on sidewalk with canes out front as they enter the Johnson Building. First female student wearing jeans and white shirt. The next two are males wearing coat jacket and kaki pants.


Two story brick building with a large tree, empty of leaves and a light pole in front. Night Lights beam from the 2nd story eaves shining orange in the sunset.

Brighton Recreation Center

A building with 4 archway style awnings attached to white pillars. Most of the font wall is made with top to bottom windows. Under one awning is red brick wall with a heater vent creating fog into the air. An orange sign to the right of the entrance doors saying Brighten Recreation Center.

Track and Field

View of Track framed by two large trees to the right and left. The pond and homes are seen in the background.
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