Accessible Arts Program

The Accessible Arts Program is housed on the campus of the Kansas School for the Blind.

  • MISSION: To foster creativity and provide educational opportunities for people with disabilities while hosting an inclusive environment for all to engage, explore and enjoy the arts.
  • CREATIVITY: To form mental or physical images that are not physically present or have never been conceived or created by others.
  • INCLUSIVITY: An inclusive community that is responsive and accessible providing all the arts, to all the people, all the time.
  • EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES: Classrooms with an art-based curriculum, resourceful instructors and adaptations for people of all abilities.
  • Creating art in an accessible format is not only tactual and fun but also beautiful. A group of volunteers provides art activities for students on campus. In addition, they create tactual bulletin boards in the academic building throughout the year. The artwork presented was created by students who have a visual impairment. Enjoy the art and the tactual bulletin boards created for students at KSSB.

Man Pointing

A student’s impression of the sculpture created by Alberto Giacometti called “Man Pointing”. The student formed the sculpture to show a man using a cane.

a thin paper mache sculpture painted in gold, using a cane.

Origami Diorama

Student created cardboard box diorama. Yellow origami cranes hang from the top of the box with clear string to create the look of a flock of birds in flight. Green paper cut into strips to create the look of grass on the bottom of the box. Origami flowers created with light green, navy blue, bright red and bright yellow paper placed lightly on top of paper grass.

Origami diorama of flowers, grass and cranes.

Replica Cranmer Abacus

The student created a Cranmer abacus created out of black Styrofoam for the frame.  Silver wire was pulled through white Styrofoam balls for the beads. The letters “APH” are made out of red WikkiStix and placed in the middle of the top frame.

Example Bulletin Boards

Accessible Arts program create interactive and tacual bulletin boards for students on campus. An example is the White Cane Day Celebration Bullegin Board. Each board contains print, braille, visual and tactual elements.

Bulletin board with words: White cane day and a small kiddie cane attached.
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