Download the Remote Learning Extended Letter to Parentsopens PDF file from Superintendent Jon Harding

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

We hope you have been able to stay safe and warm during this week’s extreme temperatures. We have made the decision to extend remote learning for all students through next Friday, February 26th

There are a number of reasons for this decision: 

  • Most of KSSB’s instructional staff elected to receive the COVID vaccine the week of February 1st. We spaced out appointments that week as much as possible. The 2nd vaccination shots are scheduled for next week and we expect reactions to that dose to be significant enough that some staff may not be able to make it to work the next day or two. 
  • While we have been able to maintain staffing to this point, it is not feasible to maintain student safety when we have multiple instructional staff missing on the same day(s). 
  • Bringing back students for Thursday and ½ day Friday this week is not pragmatic. 
  • Our Brighton building (houses our pool and makerspace) had a roof leak over the south end (pool end). An ice dam prevented the drainage system from operating, and water penetrated the membrane on the roof. We have done some preliminary mitigation work, but we need to do some further assessment. Our back gate was damaged in an auto accident (not our staff) and a snow plow contractor knocked over a light fixture near our circle drive. 
  • KCK, like many communities, has experienced rolling blackouts this week. While BPU believes the rolling blackouts will end today (Wednesday), it would make it very difficult for us to hold classes with power going on and off this week. 

While we always prefer to be in person, our staff can offer shorter, intensive, remote learning classes that will provide meaningful instruction through next Friday. Teachers have already sent Zoom links to students, and they will be the point of contact during the remote learning period. 

Our Edlund Building (dorm) will reopen Sunday, February 28th @ 3:00 p.m. for dorm students, and on-site learning will resume Monday, March 1st. We have notified transportation providers of this change, but we ask that you contact your district’s transportation contacts to confirm. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. We appreciate your patience and help! 


Jon C. Harding, Ed.S. Superintendent

Kansas State School for the Blind, 1100 State Ave. , Kansas City, KS 66102, 913.305.3015 

COVID Re-Opening Plan: 2021-2022 – 6-22-2021

For complete information please read through the Re-opening Plan and the Re-opening Guidelines attached below.

KSSB ESSER III – Plan for Safe Returnopens PDF file – Fall 2021-22

KSSB Reopening Plan 7-28-20 – pdf

KSSB Reopening Guide 2020-2021 Final 7-28-20 – pdf

KSSB 2020-2021 Calendar Update (03/2021) – pdf

Parents, if you are in need of emergency assistance in your community, you can find help at an organization called 211. Please know that most local school districts are serving to-go breakfast and lunches.

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