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KSSB Parent and Student Handbook: 2018-2019

The Parent and Student Handbook outlines school policies, and describes expectations and responsibilities for students. Additional policies include privacy, due process, use of technology and other issues for parents and students.  In order for schools to operate safely and efficiently, please download, read and review the information contained in the handbook. The Parent/Student Handbook is available in pdf or text versions. Bullying policy is located on page 14 of the Parent/Student Handbook.

Handbook 2018-2019 pdf

Handbook 2018-2019 docx

Student Placement/ Residential Campus Policy

Student Placement_Residential Campus Policy 3.20.19

Suicide Prevention Policy

KSSB Suicide Prevention Policy was developed to protect the health, safety and welfare of its students, to promote healthy development, to safeguard against the threat or attempt of suicide among school aged youth. The goal of the policy is to outline suicide prevention activities, staff training and response procedures and designed to help eliminate confusion over educator roles and the referral process.  Please download and read through the information contained in the suicide prevention policy.

Suicide Prevention Policy docx

A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and restraint) in Kansas

The Emergency Safety Interventions  (ESI) developed by Families Together is used by KSSB to inform families of their rights under Emergency Safety Interventions law. It includes information on related to prevention, seclusion, restraint, functional behavioral assessments, and behavior intervention plans.

ESI Family Guide pdf

ESI Family Guide txt

Kansas Department of Education (KSDE)

KSDE provides a list of Resources for families and educators related to topics in special education – including a Guide to Special Education and Parents Rights Document. To view the entire list of resources go to KSDE SPED Resources.


If you have questions regarding the handbooks and policies, please contact  Jon Harding, Superintendent.

Phone: 913-304-3014

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