Main Offices

Phone: 913-305-3000opens phone dialer

Toll Free: 1-800-572-5463opens phone dialer

Address: 1100 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102

Kansas School Safety Hotline: 1-877-626-8203opens phone dialer

Security Office: 913-305-3009opens phone dialer

Emergency Contacts

Jon Harding: Superintendent – 913-645-5456opens phone dialer

Deb Howser: Director of Special Education – 913-205-0091opens phone dialer

Aundrayah Shermer: Director Field Services – 913-335-5596opens phone dialer

John Martello: Operations Director – 913-645-5457opens phone dialer

Emergency Safety Hotline Contacts

Jon Harding, Superintendent –  913-645-5456opens phone dialer

Aundrayah Shermer, Director Field Services – 913-209-0986opens phone dialer

John Martello, Operations Director – School Hours: 913-305-3006opens phone dialer; After Hours: 785-841-5012opens phone dialer or 913-645-5457opens phone dialer

Administrative Services

Jon Hardingcreate new email: Superintendent – 913-305-3014opens phone dialer

KSSB/KSSD Shared Staff

Tessa Adcockcreate new email: Director of Food Services – 913-210-8117opens phone dialer

Teresa Chandlercreate new email: Human Resources Director – 913-210-8113opens phone dialer

Jeanette Magathancreate new email: Director of Finance – 913-210-8120opens phone dialer

John Martellocreate new email: Director of Operations – 913-305-3006opens phone dialer

Joe Obornycreate new email: Instructional Technology Coordinator – 913-210-8155opens phone dialer

Stacey Haywordcreate new email: Network Administrator – 913-210-8115opens phone dialer

Jay Raycreate new email: Maintenance / Housekeeping Supervisor – 913-305-3007opens phone dialer

Marva Thompsoncreate new email: Executive Secretary – 913-210-8111opens phone dialer

Instructional Services

Debora Howsercreate new email: Director of Special Services – 913-305-3018opens phone dialer

Renee Wilsoncreate new email: Senior Administrative Specialist – 913-305-3015opens phone dialer

Dana Demarcreate new email: Secondary – English/Social Studies

Nicole Drakecreate new email: Physical Education / FACS

Jeanne Goodincreate new email: TSVI – Assessment and Progress Monitoring

Cindy Huffmancreate new email: TSVI – Elementary Teacher

Hillary Joy-Sims:create new email TSVI – Inclusion Support / Part-time ITS

Jennifer Klingele:create new email Preschool and Braille Instruction

Kim McCallcreate new email: Secondary Deafblind / Life Skills Teacher

Christian Puettcreate new email: Community Engagement and Accessibility

Kim Rheacreate new email: TSVI – Math/Science/Computer Science

Tim Schierbeckcreate new email: TSVI – Transition/Athletic Director

Lila Taylorcreate new email: Elementary Deafblind / Life Skills Teacher

Bob Taylorcreate new email: Access Technology/Makerspace/Statewide Mobile Tech

Related Services

Susie Browncreate new email: Occupational Therapist

Jenny Eichnercreate new email: Orientation and Mobility Specialist / Music Therapist

Leah Enrightcreate new email: Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS)

Penny Kimberlingcreate new email: Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS)

Lauren Schauweckercreate new email Physical Therapist

Lori Smithcreate new email: Case Management Specialist/Transition

Sherri Rigbycreate new email: Speech Pathologist

Ron Wilsoncreate new email: Clinical Social Worker

Instructional Technology

Steve Hahncreate new email: Educational Technology Specialist


Office: 913-305-3030opens phone dialer or Cell: 913-544-5876opens phone dialer

Cynthia Rosecreate new email: RN – Day Nurse

Alicia Brush:create new email RN – Evening  Nurse

Brandy Canncreate new email: LPN – Night Nurse

Extended Day Program (Dorm)

Sue Pollancreate new email: Extended Day Program Director 913-305-3050opens phone dialer

Field Services

Aundrayah Shermercreate new email: TSVI/COMS – Director Field Services – 913-305-3016opens phone dialer

Erin Kelly:create new email  Administrative Assistant – 913-305-3061opens phone dialer

Pam Arbeitercreate new email: TSVI /COMS JoCo & WyCo / KIRC Training

Anna Cyrcreate new email: TSVI/COMS: Central/North Central Kansas

Laura Delcambrecreate new email: COMS – Direct Services  South Central Kansas

Chris Gray:create new email Certified Braille Transcriber / Instructional Assistant Central Kansas

Amber Hanson:create new email TSVI – Direct Services North Central Kansas

Menely Hogancreate new email: TSVI/COMS Western Kansas

Judy Imbercreate new email: COMS – KanLovKids and Special Projects

Julie Ituartecreate new email: TSVI/COMS Southeast Kansas Accessibility/Data/Website

Kylie Kilmercreate new email: TSVI/COMS – Direct Services, TASN Project Coordinator

Molly Reardoncreate new email: TSVI – Northeast Kansas

Julie Marstoncreate new email: TSVI – Direct Services, Northeast Kansas

Sabrina McAdoocreate new email: TSVI- EC Family Support,  Western Kansas

Debbie Moodycreate new email: TSVI/COMS Southcentral Kansas

Susan Threinencreate new email: TSVI -EC Family Support, Eastern Kansas

Kansas Instructional Resource Center

Toni Harrellcreate new email: KIRC Coordinator & Circulation Specialist

Deaf-Blind Project

Marites Altunacreate new email: TSVI – Director of Deafblind Project

Business Office

Adela Tancreate new email: Finance Manager – 913-305-3002opens phone dialer

Aye Myatcreate new email: Accountant / Purchasing Agent – 913-305-3003opens phone dialer

Tom Burdolskicreate new email: Human Resources Professional II – 913-305-3004opens phone dialer

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