Early Childhood Program

This dynamic program will serve children ages 3 to 6 years as part of the KSSB campus programs. The program can provide services for students who are blind, who have a visual impairment or who are deaf-blind.

Focus on Expanded Core Curriculum and Academic Skills

The Early Childhood Program will focus on intensive instruction and emphasize the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) domains unique to students who have a visual impairment. These include: braille readiness, communication, orientation and mobility, social skills, independent living skills, self-determination, technology, and much more.

The goal is to develop skills and concepts in children through intentional instruction rather than incidental learning.

Partnership with Local School District

KSSB works closely with local districts to ensure students are making progress and will successfully transition to more typical settings in their home districts.

Follow the link to read the Early Childhood blog post to learn about the program.

For more information:

Jon Harding: Superintendent, 913-645-5456

Marites Altuna: Deaf-Blind Project Director, 913-645-5645

Susan Threinen: Eastern Kansas Field Services Specialist for Early Childhood and Family Support, 913-945-0760

Sabrina McAdoo: Western Kansas Field Services Specialist for Early Childhood and Family Support, 913-945-0696

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