KSSB is a network of services

Field Services

This office station regional specialists around the state to facilitate a community of practice meetings, provide technical assistance & professional development, and offer assessment services. See more information to see the Field Services section of this web site.

Early Childhood

KSSB offers on-campus services for children ages 3-6 who are blind, have a visual impairment or who are deaf-blind. In addition, early childhood specialists work out of the Field Services office to provide technical assistance and family support. To gain more information about this service sees the Early Education Services.

Extended Campus

KSSB maintains student residences so that students living beyond the daily commuting range may access the school’s educational program through the Extended Day program. To learn more about the residences read through the information about the Extended Day Services.


Transition to life beyond the K-12 school system is a focus at KSSB for students age 18-21 who have met all graduation requirements. However, the Local IEP Team has determined the student needs continued services with an emphasis on transition goals. When this occurs, KSSB is prepared to provide an intensive educational program to address their needs. To learn more about these unique services, go to the KSSB opens in a new windowTransition services page.

Assistive Technology

KSSB provides opportunities for students to gain instruction in technology. Topics covered include computers, applications for iOS, computer software for math/science, coding and entrepreneurship. To learn more about these resources go to the following pages: Assistive Technology, STEAM and KSSB online for online high school courses.

Technical Assistance

One goal of KSSB is to expand outreach to the state and to offer technical assistance to schools that serve students who are blind or who have a visual impairment. One-way technical assistance is provided is through sharing information. Resource and information pages that may be of interest can be viewed on these links to the Expanded Core Curriculum, Administrator Resource and Educator Resource pages.

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