KSSB is launching Family Activity Box Kits in the spring of 2021.

Family Activity Boxes with a focus on fun and engaging ways to practice skills within the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). Each box is curated with your child’s needs in mind and will include braille, large print, or digital information based on your child’s preferred learning mode.  Each box will contain all of the supplies needed for one awesome activity and a special surprise from the KSSB Maker-space. The Kits are limited to the first 60 who register.

ELIGIBILITY: Children/students, Infants to 12th grade, living in the state of Kansas and diagnosed with a visual impairment that impacts their ability to access print materials. The student benefits and uses either braille, large print, or a digital format as his/her primary learning mode as a result of the visual impairment.  In addition, your child must meet the eligibility criteria for visual impairment from the Kansas Department of Education which includes:

  • visual impairment that requires dependence on tactile and auditory media for learning
  • chronic or progressive condition exists which interferes with the visual learning mode
    *Please note: documentation may be requested to determine eligibility

WHEN SHIPPED: 60 Family Activity Boxes will be sent, 3 times a year – Spring, Fall, and Winter. Registration is required for each box.

If you have any questions about the KSSB FABulous program, please contact KSSB Field Service Specialists –   opens in a new windowJulie Ituartecreate new email or opens in a new windowKylie Kilmercreate new email or the KSSB Field Service Specialist in your region.

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