Summer Programs Offered at KSSB

During the summer months, there are many programs or activities offered to enrich the lives of students. KSSB recognizes that for students with a visual impairment, the summer provides an opportunity to extend learning and practice skills of technology, daily living, orientation, and mobility or vocational skills.

As a result, KSSB developed unique summer programs to help students grow in their abilities and attain personal goals. The dedicated staff and volunteers create quality and innovative programs each summer. Consider one of these options.

Registration Information:  

  • Deadline to register for the KSSB Extended Year Program is: March 10, 2020
  • The Acceptance Notice is sent about: April 2, 2020
  • Download, Review and Complete the application and brochures.
  • Registration is not complete until ALL information requested in the application is submitted.
  • Contact: Aundrayah Shermercreate new email


Download and complete the application for Summer 2020 ESY. When Completed send to Renee Wilsoncreate new email.

KSSB ESY 2020 Student Application – PDF


There are four programs offered during the summer of 2020. A brief listing with dates, location, age of students served, and the cost is provided below.


  • Date: June 8-26, 2020
  • Days: Monday-Friday
  • Age: 5-15
  • Location:  KSSB 1100 State Ave, Kansas City
  • Cost: $900.00 (KS) or $2700.00 (out of state)
Student using a spoon and red measuring cup to scoop out 1 cup of flour from a plastic container.

The K.-S.E.E. program is limited to 50 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students must commit to the entire 3-week session and understand that transportation will not be provided. The purpose of this program is to provide instruction in the expanded core curricular areas designed for students who are visually impaired. This includes Orientation and Mobility, Assistive Technology, Recreation & Leisure and compensatory skills of braille, tactile graphics and labeling.

Hays L.I.F.E.  Lifetime Independence Focused Education

Students who attended KSEE - ESY standing in front of building with large windows.
  • Date: June 21-26, 2020
  • Days:  Sunday-Friday
  • Age: 10-16
  • Location: Fort Hays University Campus
  • Cost: $300.00 (KS) or $900.00 (out of state)

The K-S.E.E. is one week of intense learning and fun. This program is housed on the beautiful Fort Hays University campus. The purpose of this program is to provide instruction in orientation and mobility, Activities of Daily Living, Recreation and Leisure, Social Skills/Self-Determination, Career Exploration and Assistive Technology. Parents must make arrangements with local school district or provide their own transportation to and from the program and commit to all six days of the program. LIMITED TO 12 PARTICIPANTS!


  • Date:  June 8-26, 2020
  • Days: Monday-Friday
  • Age: 16-21
  • Location:  KSSB 1100 State Ave, Kansas City
  • Cost: $1000.00 (KS) or $3000.00 (out of state)
  • Cost: Current KSSB Transition Students – $200.00 (KS) or $600.00 (out of state)
Student taking clothing out of a large bin and putting a shirt on a hanger.

The goal of the KSSB Summer Vocational program is to offer experiential learning related to job exploration, development of job skills, and understanding workplace culture. All areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum are embedded within the KSSB Summer Vocational Program. Parents need to make arrangements for transportation and participants must commit to all three weeks.  LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS!


Three students sitting at a rectangular table, each with a computer.

  • Date: June 8-26, 2020
  • Days: Sunday-Saturday (including weekends)
  • Age: 16-18
  • Location:  KSSB 1100 State Ave, Kansas City
  • Cost: $1200.00 (KS) or $3600.00 (out of state)

The KS-PREP program is a special focus program for KSSB. Participants must be a current High Schooler ages 16-18 and attend their local districts during the academic year. It provides advanced Expanded Core Curriculum experiences in a residential setting.

The KS PREP includes but is not limited to Resume Writing, Mock Interviews, Career Exploration, Part-time Employment Opportunities, activities of daily living, Orientation and Mobility instruction, and public transportation.  LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS!

Employment Opportunities

Join our Team! KSSB needs caring and dependable people to help serve our students. 

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