KSSB hosts student, teacher, and parent events across the state of Kansas.

Professional Events

KSSB provides a network of services to meet the needs of students with a visual impairment in the state of Kansas.  Services extend beyond the main campus in Kansas City to reach local school districts in every corner of the state.

Family Events

KSSB offers a wide variety of family events. These events are provided online and in-person when allowed. KSSB strongly supports the involvement of families in the education of their children.

Student Events

Join the Educational Opportunities offered on the KSSB Campus and throughout the state of Kansas!!  KSSB strives to provide a variety of activities that will enhance the student’s overall education.  This information provided on this page is to highlight the statewide activities available for teachers and students.

Signature Events

KSSB is known for its signature events. Families, students and educators look forward to each of these unique events. 

The Kansas Sunflower Regional Braille Challenge is offered each year to celebrate braille through literacy contests. It is part of 51 preliminary events developed by the the Braille Institute. To learn how to participate in the use the link to the  opens in a new windowRegional Braille Challenge page.

Twice a year, the KSSB campus is open to high school students from around the state to provide opportunities to learn skills in the expanded core curriculum. This is a very popular event and students look forward to attending in order to see old friends, meet new ones while developing and practicing a variety of skills. Use the link to view the information on the  opens in a new windowBoys and Girls Weekend page.  

Each summer KSSB offers summer program that put an emphasis on the unique expanded core curriculum designed for students who are blind or who have a visual impairment. Students look forward to their opportunity each summer to attend the programs offered on the KSSB campus or Hays Kansas. Use the link to read more about these programs on the opens in a new windowExtended School Year page. 

The KC Blind All Stars sponsors an event each fall walk and track meet to celebrate student achievement. Proceeds from the Walk go to the KCBlind All Stars to support activities at KSSB. Use this link to learn more about the Annual opens in a new windowAll Star Walk. Click on the following link to learn about the mission of the KC Blind All Stars.

Through an AT Club, collaboration with Apple and Microsoft TEALS offers students the opportunity to learn about assistive technology, coding, computer science and robotics. Follow this link to obtain information about regular activities with a focus on STEM

KSSB in collaboration with the Kansas Instructional Resource Center, Kansas Deaf-Blind Project, and The Kansas Technical Assistance System Network sponsor an annual day of professional development for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVI) and Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS). Click the link to learn about the Annual Vision Symposium

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