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Since 1867 the Kansas School for the Blind has provided quality educational opportunities for students who are blind or who have a visual impairment. We believe that setting high expectations and implementing best practices in the classroom, individuals will not only be life-long, self-directed learners but achieve their individual goals in work and interactions.

We see ourselves as a “network of services” that includes both a robust Field Services (outreach) team to serve students across the state as well as a campus that offers intensive, short-term services for students.  We do not accomplish this task alone. We partner with local schools, families and the community to ensure individuals who have visual impairments assume responsible roles in society and lead fulfilling lives.

If you would like to support our goals there are many ways to get involved through financial donations, providing needed equipment or supplies and occasional volunteer opportunities.  


The KC Blind All-Stars Foundation (KCBAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the Kansas State School for the Blind. Through donations the KCBAS provides financial support for the School for the Blind to enhance opportunities in Technology; Education, Employment & Entrepreneurial; Athletics & Extracurricular Activities; Music & Arts; and Skill Building. To donate, click on the All Blind All Stars Logo on the right.


KCBlind All Stars Logo (opens in a new window) small blue owl with big round eyes, tiny beak, carrying a glue flag waving in the wind with word TEAMS printed on front. Wearing a red shirt with KCBAS on the front.

Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

The KC Blind All Stars and KSSB provide several Events throughout the school year to create awareness or support the needs of students who have visual impairments. Volunteer opportunities are available through the KC Blind All Stars or the KSSB campus.  To volunteer on campus a volunteer application and background check must be completed. To learn about volunteer opportunities contact the KC Blind All Stars organization or contact the Director of Field Services at KSSB. 

Director of Field Services: Aundrayah Shermer at 913-305-3016.

Volunteers for KC Blind All Star Run/Walk
Nine females standing at a black cloth covered long table. The females are standing with left side at the table and holding up left arm bent up at elbow and wrist bent down with fingers touching their head. All smiling.

Donate Equipment and Supplies:

KSSB offers several signature events throughout the year to celebrate and support the needs of students.  Events include a literacy competition called the Sunflower Regional Braille Challenge, All Star Walk, Boys and Girls Weekends, Assistive Technology activities and STEAM events. Suggested Items to consider include computer equipment, Assistive Technology designed for individuals who have a visual impairment, supplies to support greater access to lab science, mathematics, coding, arts, physical fitness, career exploration, or specialized tools for daily living.  If you would like to partner with us by donating new equipment and supplies contact the on of the following people: 

For Assistive Technology Donations contact the Educational Technology Specialist, Steve Hahn at 913-305-3076.

For all other supplies or equipment donations contact Director of Field Services, Aundrayah Shermer at 913-305-3016.

Thank you for your generous support!!

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