Ms. Hillary's And Her Table Decorated With Peppa Pig Balloons And Items

KSSB hosted their first trunk-or-treat this year! Not only did the KSSB students get to enjoy the event but students from Open Minds Child Development Center were able to dress up and enjoy the fun too! The day was cold and rainy but that didn’t stop the fun! The event was moved indoors to the gym! Music was playing, kids played games, candy was given, and EVERYONE had a blast!

students dressed up in halloween costumes enjoying trunk-or-treak student hammering a golf tee into a pumpkin as a teacher watchestable decorated with orange and black balloons, The Count, and a witch ready for trunk-or-treat









table set up as a story book table with rocking chair on the leftstudent dressed in day of the day outfit teacher showing students a model of the mouth and teeth, and students feel the teeth









student in a wheelchair laughing while a teacher helps him hammer a golf tee into a pumpkin table decorate with sequins and cotton candy on top that looks like clouds

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