Pumpkins, Halloween, and the Library Oh My!

Miss Angela And Miss Jeanne Dressed Up As Mr. Potato Head For Halloween

Pre-School has had a busy October! From trips to the pumpkin patch, learning about the inside of pumpkins, making jack-o-lanterns, enjoying trunk-or-treat, and a trip to the library! Pre-School never stops learning and gaining experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Not to mention they have a BLAST doing all the activities!

PreSchool Goes to the Pumpkin Patch!

two girls and a boy sitting on a bench with pumpkins behind them

girl sitting in a tire swing while boy is pushing the tire swing







boy and girl pet a dog with long brown ears girl wearing glasses enjoys a donut









Learning about what is inside a pumpkin, making jack-o-latern, and will pumpkin seeds grow?

girl sticking her hand into a pumpkin while a teacher helps to hold the pumpkin girl wearing glasses looks at a pumpkin that has been carved and light is shining out of the pumpkin boy touching and looking at a pumpkin seed that has sprouted small green stems and two small leaves at the top









girl wearing glasses sticking her hand into a pumpkin that has the top cut off boy looking at the drawing of a pumpkin on a ziploc bag, inside the bag is the inside of a pumpkin with seeds and the bag is taped to a windowboy and girl looking inside a jack-o-lantern










preschool students and teachers dressed up in halloween costumes enjoying trunk-or-treat student dressed as a witch hammering a golf tee into a pumpkin while a teacher holds the pumpkin









girl being held by a teacher trunk-or-treating at one of the tables girl dressed as a bee looking at a teacher putting a pumpkin on the window








Pre-School Goes to the Library

2 teachers and 3 students stand outside of a library to pose for a picture boy feels a fake tree inside the library boy stands at a book case with letters and numbers on it look at books









Pre-School has Fun EVERYDAY!

boy standing on playground with a large smils tree with tissue paper leaves on contact paper and taped to a windowboy reading a book while a teacher looks on









1 teacher and 2 girls sit at a table and play with letters on a cookie sheetboy playing with a spinner on the playground two boys playing on a purple guitarboy adding tape to a person outline on a black piece of paper

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