Music and Orientation and Mobility

Music And Orientation And Mobility

“Stand” by R.E.M. and Orientation and Mobility

October 8, 2019

Music is often a great motivator for learning and for solidifying ideas into our memory. There is a song that stands out to me when teaching Orientation and Mobility concepts. It was a hit song from the late 1980s called “STAND” by R.E.M. According to website Songfacts, the song is about “becoming involved in the places you live and work.” The band members said the song was not complicated, lyrically or musically. They added “stupid” lyrics to a simple guitar riff. That may be true, but the fun rhythm entices someone to sing along. So why does this song warrant a post in blogs about topics in blindness or visual impairment? It is uncanny how much this song applies to Orientation and Mobility Instruction. 

Read these lyrics, and you can see the connection – 

“If you are confused check with the sun

Carry a compass to help you along

Your feet are going to be on the ground

Your head is there to move you around.”

When using the lyrics – we can talk about the sun for orientation, the compass for navigation, feet for walking, and our brain for thinking and planning travel routes. 

If you haven’t heard this song -it is worth a listen – especially for Orientation and Mobility Specialists. To listen to the complete song and read the full lyrics, go to Lyricsbox

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