Makerspace Continues to Rock and Roll!

grey t-shirt with KSSB in orange and Eagles below in white, the t-shirt was created by students at the KSSB Makerspace

The KSSB students continue to advance their skills and creativity in the Makerspace!

Accessibility is so much easier for a low vision student when using a laptop, and not the build-in LCD menu .  Since the laptop has several magnification tools, the student can select which tool is best for them. The photos below, illustrate how close/far the student is from the display when using the embroidery machine.

teacher and student sitting at an embroidery machine watching the machine create an image on fabric Student, wearing a baseball cap, cutting fabric with an embroidery in front of her student, wearing a baseball hat, sitting at an embroidery machine with her face very close to the small LCD screen







Several STEM activities were tried with our elementary students:  3D pen, building structures with magnetic shapes and large rods.  Other more familiar STEM activities were Code jumper, Cubelets, Ozobots, etc.   See the attached pics.  One student that enjoyed hands-on activities  that also had lots of sounds was introduced to see if it increased his time on task with a functional task.

student standing and building a figure that has long green sticks held together by small grey joints student sitting at a desk building a figure with Magnatiles two students sitting opposite of each other, at a desk, working with a 3D pen







Short video of Maddie using code jumper from APH.

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