Let’s Keep Reading

Let’s Keep Reading

Braille Literacy is Key!!

All students benefit from instruction in literacy, and it is especially crucial for students who read braille. A question often asked is “Where can I get books in braille for my child, grandchild, cousin, friend…” There are several options to get braille books in the hands of your students. There are options for all – a lending library, free books, fee-based or subscription-based. All will require an application and registration.

However, to answer the fundamental question – “Where can I find braille books?”, check out the options listed on this page. Review their registration information, age requirements, possible costs, and topics/titles of books.

“Let’s take a literary journey together!”

Ellwyn Autumn, children’s book author- Angel Kiss Publications

American Action Fund for Blind Children

Each year, The American Action Fund selects books, not yet produced in braille, but published within the last two to three years. Links to previously created books in BRF files are available for download, including Pete the Cat and 39 Clues. To learn more about this program go to American Action Fund Website.

American Printing House

Through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Partnership, APH provides free print and Braille books for families with children, age 0-5, who are blind.  To read about this program visit APH Braille Tales Program.

Braille Institute

The Braille Institute provides Dots for Tots – Multi-sensory storybook kits for age 2-5 and Digital Dots – downloadable braille files for high school books. If interested in this program go to the Braille Special Collection from the braille institute.

National Braille Press

The National Braille Press offers several programs with the overall goal to promote braille literacy. The options include Read Books Program, Great Expectations – online multi-sensory activities, and a subscription-based Braille Book Club. To sign up for their programs visit the National Braille Press website.

Seedlings – Braille Angel Book Program

Seedlings offer reasonably priced books in braille. Check out their Angle Book Program offering three free books per year. Teachers (TSVI’s) – there is a program just for you – check that out.  To sign up for their free book programs visit the Braille Angel Book Program.

Talking Book Lending Library

This Utah based agency provides a lending library of braille, audio and digital books to registered Kansas residents. To register with the lending library visit the Talking Book Library.

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