KSSB’s Makerspace Providing Opportunities to Learn Job Skills and Explore Creativity

Student Sitting At A Computer Typing With Directions Enlarged On An IPad To His Left

The Makerspace at KSSB is an activity all students enjoy! There are a wide range of activities for all different types of interests and students are able to hone their skills on equipment that is fully accessible, work on class projects to gain of better understanding of subject matter, and begin to build a store!

Students were working on the Nile river using laser designed images on magnets to highlight key landmarks in ancient Egypt.  Later 3D printers were used for story boxes to illustrate life during that period.

student standing at a board that has a map and he is placing markers on the map while his teacher observes student feeling the map that is being made while his teacher observes his exploration







girl places markers on the map as her teacher observes girl views markers that have been made and are on a board













It was a team effort to complete this 3D print job. Two KSSB students worked together to remind each other of the NVDA commands while another was reading the lesson  to complete an assignment on the Fusion 3D printer.   The reader volunteered to apply the glue to the 3D printer bed.

3 students working together in the makerspace. One is standing at a desk with a Braillenote, one is sitting at a desk holding an iPad, and the third is sitting in a chair with legs crossed listening

Another student worked on the embroidery machine. She selected the design and colors.

student sits working at the embroidery machine embroidered blue and gold butterfly with Skyler written in blue to the right of the butterfly


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