Kansas Students Blast Off to Space Camp 2021

Student Wearing Headphones Sitting In A Fighter Jet Simulator.

Two students and two chaperones recently attended Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS) at the end of September in Huntsville, Alabama.  This is a weeklong camp, which is held at the US Space and Rocket Center.  These students spent their days in activities from sunup to sundown in the Aviation Challenge program.  This program challenges the trainees to engage in flight simulations and missions, participate in team building activities, take on leadership roles, and work together in low and high ropes courses.  

Student ziplining into a lake.

Here are some thoughts from the two students when they returned from their trip:


“Space Camp was definitely a highlight of my school year. I loved the Aviation Challenge and the knowledge about airplanes. In addition, I had so much fun climbing the Pamper pole and rock wall. I loved reviewing my World War II history and the planets. Thank you KSSB for making this camping trip possible for me. Overall, the Space Camp was a fantastic experience for me.”


“My week at space camp was wonderful!!! The activities, the food, the people, it was all great! I must say however, my favorite activity was the “Pamper Pole.” A 30ft pole that you had to climb up on & jump off of, loved the thrill of it. Another great thing of it was the friends I made! Food was bussin ong.”

For more information about Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students, visit the SCIVIS website.

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