Which Shoes are Safe for School?

Child Putting On Red, Open Toed High Heels

O&M can be so much fun! Who doesn't love to try on shoes and see how they feel? Field Service Specialist, Anna Cyr, worked with a young girl in kindergarten on learning about different types of shoes! What do the shoes look like and feel like? Then which are most…

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Little Girl Wearing Glasses Working With A Teacher On Stringing Beads.

The school year is in full swing and so is the Preschool Enrichment Program at KSSB! Children who are blind or visually impaired ages 3-5 can receive FREE enrichment opportunities. The preschool teacher, Jeanne Goodin, has been working with a few students this year who are doing amazing things! The…

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Flag my White Cane?

What does it mean to Flag with the White Cane By Patrick Wilson, high school student Introduction: There is some controversy involving flagging your cane and how high it should go. I am writing this blog to educate people on what flagging is and explain some of its discussion. About…

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KC Blind All Stars Foundation – Virtual 5K

KC Blind All Stars 5K Run 1 Mile Walk

KC Blind All-Stars Foundation Is Seeking Virtual 5k Sponsorship All proceeds benefit the Athletic Department at the Kansas State School for the Blind.  The foundation provides support for travel to competitions, equipment for the athletic teams, and improvements to the athletic facilities. All funds donated this year will go toward replacing…

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Postponed – KSSB Family Forum Event

A List Of Words Creating A Cloud Shape.

As a result of the CoVID19 Stay at Home Order, the KSSB Sponsored Family Forum is canceled. We hope to schedule a Family Forum event for the 2020-2021 school year. It's Time for a New Adventure!  KSSB gathered a group of amazing speakers who will share, from their personal experience,…

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Eagle Update January 2020

Student Holding Up A KC Chiefs Mask And Wearing A KC Chiefs Shirt.

DATE: January 30, 2020  Mr. Jon Harding/Ms. Aundrayah Shermer The Highlights of the month...  Kansas City Proud - - -  Students from the Extended Day Program traveled to Union Station to celebrate the AFC Champion Chiefs.  The gigantic, lighted 3-D display allowed students to explore the historic building and, most…

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Eagle Update November and December 2019

Snow Around The Entrance Sign To KSSB.

Activities Galore During the Holiday Season DATE: December 19, 2019  Mr. Jon Harding/Ms. Aundrayah Shermer The highlight of the month….. The students were thrilled to attend a special event at a local high school. Their peer attends a local high school part-time and performed in a jazz concert. He had…

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