Busy September in Pre-School Enrichment

Child Reaching To Pick Up A Dandelion

The 3-5 year olds in the KSSB pre-school enrichment program have been busy this September! They have spent the month learning about apples! So many things have been done from measuring the length of an apple skin, to making smoothies, observing a ladybug under a microscope, planting seeds to watch them grow, creating stained glass apples, tasting apples, and even a field trip to an apple orchard! These student’s are having a BLAST and learning so much!


2 students with a teacher playing with a large xylophone student looking at an apple that has been cut into a spiral package of seeds being poured into a childn's hands blue tray with green leaves and a student holding a magnifier looking in it little boy looking at an piece of art on a window in the shape of an apple child with a bowl and spoon stirring while a teacher helps to hold the bowl student hand reaching out to touch a caterpillar on a yellow tray 2 girls sitting at a table wearing paint smocks and painting child and teacher looking at an apple that was cut into a sprial little girl eating an apple teacher holding a container while student adds ingredients to the container 2 students and 2 teachers playing with water at a red water table student painting on a paper on a easel student wearing glasses looking at lettuce girl wearing sunglasses feeling lettuce leaves 2 girls feeling for water on leaves boy smiling as teacher holds an apple













Pre-School Trip to the apple orchard.

3 students riding in a wagon student wearing picking an apple off a branch little boy exploring a big wheel of a tractor 2 children putting apples into a basket on the ground little girl wearing sunglasses picking an apple off of a branch little boy being held up to pick an apple off of a branch

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