Boys and Girls Weekend – Fall 2019

Boys And Girls Weekend – Fall 2019

Opportunity is Knocking!! Join us for the KSSB Boys and Girls Weekend

Photo: A student on a climbing wall. He is reaching with his hands and feet for the rock-shaped grips as he moves from one end of the wall to another.

by Aundrayah Shermer


Registration for the Fall 2019 Girls and Boys Weekend event at Kansas State School for the Blind is now open. This popular annual event takes place on September 20-22, 2019.

Join us for a weekend of sports, Orientation and Mobility and Independent Living Skills. Also, KSSB is looking forward to the first KC Blind All-Stars 5k run/1 mile walk on Saturday, September 21st.

And if this isn’t enough, who can spend time in Kansas City and NOT go to a Sporting Kansas City Soccer game? Sporting KC is one of our generous KCBAS sponsors/donors. We are thrilled to announce that KSSB secured tickets to the September 21st game against the Colorado Rapids…(boo… go SPKC!!)

Please Register at  Sporting KC Game

KC Blind All-Stars Foundation (KCBAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the Kansas State School for the Blind. KCBAS stands by the belief that youth who are blind or visually impaired can be valuable, contributing members of their school and communities. KCBAS provides financial support for the School for the Blind in a wide range of creative programs: Technology; Education, Employment & Entrepreneurial; Athletics & Extracurricular Activities; Music & Arts; and Skill Building.

Go to the website to look for more information about the KCBAS.

Join your student/young adult/KSSB/community of runners and walkers!!! To Register for this Race go to the KCBAS Sign-Up Web Link.

In addition to the 5k/1mile run/walk, students will be participating in a wide variety of activities tied to the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). Shopping for groceries, preparing meals, and cleaning up the kitchen are all part of Daily Living Skills and Orientation & Mobility, two of the nine areas of the ECC.

For more information view our Expanded Core Curriculum Page.

Before you register your student/young adult, please read the essential information regarding application acceptance for this weekend.

The following criteria must be met for your student/child to attend:

  • Participants must be age 14 and older.
  • Participants must be independent in all self-care (able to independently toilet and shower).
  • Participants must be independent in all daily living skills (able to independently manage clothing, toiletries, and personal items).
  • Participants must have age-appropriate orientation and mobility travel skills (Does not need 1:1 to move throughout environments). And he/she can locate stairs/drop-offs/obstacles, and can independently get in and out of a vehicle.
  • Participants MUST register ON TIME for this event.

Limited space is available! Students who do not attend KSSB full time have priority for available slots. Interested KSSB students can fill open slots by age/grade. Older KSSB students will have the first choice to fill open spots.

Link to Register: Fall 2019 Boys and Girls Weekend Event

Registration closes on September 16th at 5:00 pm, so apply soon!!

For additional information or questions, please contact

Sue Pollan at


Aundrayah Shermer at

We are looking forward to seeing you at this annual KSSB Weekend!

Sue and Aundrayah

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