Benefits of a Hand-Held Monocular

Girl With Blonde Hair And Red Shirt Sitting On The Floor Looking At Different Monculars

After coordinated instruction from her TSVI and COMS, this young student can enthusiastically share the benefits of her hand-held monocular telescope: see her handwritten note below!

Students need to learn a set of progressive skills so they can successfully use a monocular telescope. These skills include spotting, focusing, scanning, tracing, and tracking. Students also need to understand how to care for the device to avoid breakage or loss. This student was highly motivated to learn these skills in order to have more control over her visual environment. She can spot a friend on the playground, rather than rely on someone else. She can have access to signs, logos, and displays in stores when shopping with her family. She can watch assemblies at school. The list will grow as she grows and as her world expands!

girl with blonde hair, red shirt, and jean shorts using a monocular to view a stop sign in the distance

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