Little Girl Wearing Glasses Working With A Teacher On Stringing Beads.

The school year is in full swing and so is the Preschool Enrichment Program at KSSB! Children who are blind or visually impaired ages 3-5 can receive FREE enrichment opportunities. The preschool teacher, Jeanne Goodin, has been working with a few students this year who are doing amazing things! The pictures below show students who are: reading books with the teacher, working on fine motor skills by stringing beads, working with shapes on a light table, and sitting on a stability ball for core strengthening. These are just a few of the wonderful things happening in preschool!

Ms. Jeanne reading a book to a little girl who is sitting in a red chair and holding 2 baby dolls.

Little girl standing at a light table with different colored shapes on the table.

Ms. Jeanne kneeling on the ground holding a little girl on a read stability ball. The girl has a big smile on her face..

For more information visit our Preschool Enrichment Program web page!

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