Upcoming KSSB Opportunities for Students

Join the Educational Opportunities offered on the KSSB Campus and throughout the state of Kansas!!  KSSB strives to provide a variety of activities that will enhance the student’s overall education.  This information provided on this page is to highlight the statewide activities available for teachers and students.

KSSB Students Apple Store Event 

Students on the KSSB campus attend regular sessions to use apple products to complete projects to raise awareness around a topic of interest such as saving energy or antibullying.

KANSAS DNA DAY – April 2020

Each year in April scientists from academic and research institutions in Kansas visit high schools throughout the state to provide interactive lessons for students. In April of 2020 the Kansas DNA Day, in collaboration with the Kansas School for the Blind is bringing the DNA Day to You!  Learn how our DNA makes us unique and explore Genetics with young scientists! Additional information about the KSSB event will be provided during the spring. To learn more about DNA Day in general, visit Kansas DNA Day.

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Navy blue circular logo with the letters SCIVIS in the center with braille underneath and stars above. "Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students" and "Adventure, Challenge, Education" are written around the outer edge of the circle.
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Do not miss out!!

The Kansas State School for the Blind and KC Blind All Stars foundation are proud to announce that they are offering scholarships to 4 high school students, with preference given to high school juniors and seniors, from across the state of Kansas to attend the 2020 Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS).  SCIVIS is an annual weeklong camp in Huntsville, Alabama at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  This year the camp dates are September 26, 2020 to October 2, 2020.  Costs for camp and travel will be covered by the scholarship.  In order to be considered for this scholarship, please fill out the application below and submit it and any other documents requested by March 15, 2020.  Learn more about this unique opportunity by viewing the additional informaiton about Space Camp on the SCIVIS website.


Announcing a wonderful opportunity for Kansas high school juniors and seniors who are blind or visually impaired!

Four students from Kansas are eligible to receive a scholarship to attend the Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS) program. 

When: September 26, 2020 – October 2, 2020

Where: Huntsville, Alabama

Go to the KSSB Student Event Page to learn more about the Space Camp program and complete the scholarship application by March 15, 2020. 


To register use the Space Camp Google Form

Use this Space Camp Rubric Writing HS – in word format to complete your required Essay.

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